Al Ghurair Recruitment 2023: Job Seeker Guide | Check Post, Qualification, And How To Apply

In the vibrant city of Dubai, where opportunities abound, and aspirations soar high, Al Ghurair Group stands as a beacon of excellence. Established in 1960, this conglomerate, also known as Saif Al Ghurair Group, has been instrumental in shaping the economic landscape of Dubai and the entire Middle East, Europe, North America, and North Africa. As we celebrate the 60th anniversary of its founding, let’s delve into what Al Ghurair Group offers regarding job opportunities, qualifications, and how to apply.

Company NameAl Ghurair Group
Job LocationDubai, UAE
NationalityAny Nationality
EducationEquivalent Degree
Monthly SalaryDepending Upon Position

About Al Ghurair Group

Founded by the Al Ghurair family, this renowned corporation has become synonymous with success and innovation. Today, it is under the leadership of the founder’s grandsons, Saif Ahmed Al Ghurair. Abdul Rahman Saif Al Ghurair serves as the group’s Chairman, while Majid Saif Al Ghurair is its Chief Executive Officer.

Al Ghurair Official Website

Job Opportunities in Dubai

Al Ghurair Group has recently posted exciting job openings in Dubai, UAE. These opportunities are not just jobs; they are a chance to be a part of one of the UAE’s premier business units. The reputation and influence of Al Ghurair Group in the UAE’s economy have touched the lives of countless individuals through education and development.

Latest Job Vacancies

Al Ghurair Group operates across various sectors, including construction, retail, and manufacturing. To stay updated on the latest job opportunities within the company, interested candidates should regularly visit the Al Ghurair careers website or check various online job portals. The company frequently updates job postings on its website and other platforms, allowing interested individuals to apply for positions that align with their qualifications and experience.

How to Apply for Al Ghurair Group Jobs

Applying for a career at Al Ghurair Group is straightforward. While job listings are not typically found on the company’s official website, they can be accessed through LinkedIn and other job portals. To ensure you don’t miss out on any job openings, monitoring these platforms regularly is recommended. Additionally, you can apply for positions directly by clicking on the job titles, which redirects you to the respective job postings where you can submit your application.

You can apply for Al Ghurair Group jobs in the following ways:

  1. Email Application: Send your application to one of the following email addresses:
  2. Online Application: You can also apply through the official LinkedIn page. This will redirect you to the job posting, where you can submit your application online.

Benefits of Al Ghurair Career

Working with Al Ghurair Group comes with a host of benefits. The company offers competitive compensation packages designed to attract and retain top talent in the industry. Employees also have access to opportunities for professional growth and advancement within the organization, along with training and development programs. The company promotes a flexible work environment and a culture of diversity and inclusion. These benefits contribute to a positive work-life balance, skill development, and employee career advancement.


For more information about Al Ghurair Group and its career opportunities, you can visit the following resources:


1. How long has Al Ghurair Group been in operation?

Al Ghurair Group was founded in 1960, making 2023 its 63rd year in operation.

2. Who are the current leaders of Al Ghurair Group?

Chairman Abdul Rahman Saif Al Ghurair and Chief Executive Officer Majid Saif Al Ghurair lead the group.

3. Where can I find the latest job openings at Al Ghurair Group?

Job openings are on the Al Ghurair careers website, LinkedIn, and various online job portals.

4. What benefits does Al Ghurair Group offer to its employees?

Al Ghurair Group provides competitive compensation packages, opportunities for professional growth, training programs, flexible work arrangements, and a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

5. How can I apply for a job at Al Ghurair Group?

You can apply for jobs by visiting the job postings on LinkedIn or other job portals and submitting your application through the provided links.

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  1. Salahuddin says

    Hi sir
    12 years Experience as a Ms office excll and adobe Photoshop and Photostat Printing etc
    2 years Experience as a Akhtar Sead Restaurants Account Manager

  2. Isaac Oluwatemilorun Olaosun says

    Dear Sir,

    I wish to apply for the any position under your designation, rules and regulations laid for the progress of the company.

    I am a graduate that have experience in home country and in Dubai in Storekeeping, Payroll, assisting in Accounting, good in Excel, Oracle database and Microsoft Office.

    I will be grateful if I am favoured and considered for the position by the administration.

    Thanks and regards.
    Isaac Olaosun O.

  3. Muhammad Shakeel says

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    I need jop

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