Sharjah Taxi is Hiring: Expected Minimum Salary of 7000 Dirhams Per Month

Explore exciting career opportunities with Sharjah Taxi! Learn about the hiring process, company history, and an expected salary of 7000 Dirhams per month. Apply now and embark on a rewarding journey. Sharjah Taxi is Hiring!

Are you looking for an exciting career change? Sharjah Taxi might have just the opportunity for you! Established on July 28, 2008, under the franchise right granted by the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA), Sharjah Taxi has become a key player in the transportation sector.

With a fleet of 750 vehicles of various sizes and brands, including special vehicles for persons with special needs, family taxis, airport taxis, and ladies’ taxis, Sharjah Taxi prioritizes passenger safety and comfort.

Join the Sharjah Taxi Team: A Career Overview

24/7 Services for a Growing City

Sharjah Taxi is committed to providing reliable transportation services 24 hours a day. Whether it’s an early-morning flight or a late-night arrival, Sharjah Taxi ensures that passengers can reach their destinations safely and conveniently.

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Inception Figures: A Journey Since 2008

Since its inception on July 28, 2008, Sharjah Taxi has grown exponentially. Starting with a fleet of 270 vehicles, the company now boasts 750 standard taxis, 170 airport taxis, and a specialized fleet for persons with special needs, family, and ladies taxis.

Career Opportunities: Be a Sharjah Taxi Driver

Sharjah Taxi is actively seeking new members to join its team of dedicated taxi drivers. If you possess a light vehicle driving license issued by the United Arab Emirates or are a driving license holder from GCC countries, you could be the perfect fit.

What’s in it for You? The Salary Range

The competitive salary is one of the most attractive aspects of joining Sharjah Taxi. As a taxi driver, you can earn between 3,000 dirhams and an impressive 7,000 dirhams monthly, making it a financially rewarding career option.

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Career Benefits: Why Choose Sharjah Taxi?

Working as a taxi driver for Sharjah Taxi comes with its perks. Beyond the competitive salary, drivers enjoy a flexible schedule, the chance to interact with diverse people, and the opportunity to contribute to the city’s vibrant transportation network.

Job Vacancy

Sharjah Taxi is on the lookout for skilled taxi drivers. A light vehicle driving license issued by the United Arab Emirates is a prerequisite. Applicants from GCC countries can also apply, offering a monthly salary ranging from 3000 to 7000 Dirhams. Interested? Click here for more details.

Application Process

While the “Apply Now” function is temporarily unavailable online, candidates can apply by visiting the office directly at Al Azra District, P.O. Box 30330, Sharjah, UAE.

For more information, contact the call center at 600525252 or reach out via phone (0097165356111), fax (0097165356060), or email ([email protected]).

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Q: What is the minimum salary offered by Sharjah Taxi?

A: Sharjah Taxi offers a competitive salary between 3000 and 7000 dirhams per month.

Q: Can individuals from GCC countries apply for the taxi driver position?

A: Yes, Sharjah Taxi welcomes driving license holders from GCC countries to apply for the job.

Q: How can I apply for a taxi driver position at Sharjah Taxi?

A: While the online “Apply Now” function is temporarily unavailable, interested candidates can visit the office directly at Al Azra District, Sharjah, UAE.

Q: What documents are required to apply for the Aarjah Taxi tax position I, driver?

A: You need a light vehicle driving license issued by the United Arab Emirates to be eligible for the taxi driver position.

Q: Are there specialized taxi services provided by Sharjah Taxi?

A: Sharjah Taxi offers specialized services, including family taxis and persons with special needs.

Q: How can I contact Sharjah Taxi for more information?

A: For inquiries, you can reach the call center at 600525252, phone (0097165356111), or email [email protected].


Embark on a fulfilling career with Sharjah Taxi, where safety, comfort, and competitive salaries await aspiring taxi drivers. For more details, visit the official website or apply directly at their office. Join Sharjah Taxi and be part of a dynamic and growing transportation network.

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