Dnata Careers: Latest Job Vacancies in UAE Airports

dnata is a global leader in air and travel services with a legacy dating back to 1959. With operations in 34 nations and continents, the corporation prides itself on providing excellent ground handling, freight, transport, catering, and retail services.

Dnata UAE: Ground Handling Operations

dnata’s ground handling operations thrive in the bustling aviation hub of Dubai International Airport. dnata UAE, which manages over 80 million passengers annually and serves 140 scheduled flights, is equipped with cutting-edge technology.

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This infrastructure and ongoing investments in people development guarantee that airport operations run smoothly, efficiently, and securely.

Company InformationDnata
Total EmployeesOver 46,000
Global Presence38 countries, 6 continents
Airports Presence136 airports globally
Airline Customers ServedOver 300
ServicesGround handling, cargo, travel, catering, and retail
Countries Served34
Annual Passenger VolumeOver 80 million
Scheduled Airlines140
Notable OperationsDubai International Airport

Passengers travelling through Dubai International Airport expect nothing less than a seamless experience from check-in to baggage claim, and dnata UAE routinely delivers on this promise. With safety at its foundation, dnata UAE’s significant experience and constant commitment to quality enable the deployment of practical solutions adapted to stringent specifications.

Dnata UAE
Dnata Careers at UAE Dubai Airports

Careers at dnata UAE

Dnata is committed to more than just providing excellent service; it also puts a lot of effort into building an atmosphere encouraging growth. At Dnata, people who want to work there can look at various jobs and learn about their world-class training and career growth programs.

CompanyPositionDepartmentLocationClosing Date
dnataProject Specialist, Business Improvement – 240000XXUnited Arab Emirates24 May 2024
dnataSafety Advisor – 240000YEFlight operationsDubai, United Arab Emirates22 May 2024
dnata TravelTRAVEL CONSULTANT – 240000XWDubai, United Arab Emirates19 May 2024
dnataSafety Specialist – 240000X0Flight operationsDubai, United Arab Emirates22 May 2024
dnataDepartment Trainer – GSE Maintenance – 240000XNBelow the wingDubai, United Arab Emirates22 May 2024
dnataSupply Chain Performance Specialist, dnata Catering & Retail – 240000OOCateringUnited Arab Emirates14 May 2024
dnataDigital Learning Coordinator – 240000W1Flight operationsDubai, United Arab Emirates17 May 2024
dnataDigital Learning Officer – 240000W2Flight operationsDubai, United Arab Emirates17 May 2024
dnataOperational Quality Assurance Auditor, dnata – 240000EGFinance and AuditDubai, United Arab Emirates16 May 2024
dnataService Delivery Manager, Customer Service (UAE National), dnata – 240000U0Dubai, United Arab Emirates13 May 2024
dnatadnata Catering – National Graduate Training Programme (UAE Nationals Only) – 2300022MDubai, United Arab Emirates
dnataPROCUREMENT & LOGISTICS OFFICER – 240000SYAbove the wingDubai, United Arab Emirates13 May 2024
dnataBUYER – 240000T0Above the wingDubai, United Arab Emirates13 May 2024

How to Apply for dnata UAE Jobs

Applying for a position at Dnata UAE is straightforward. Interested candidates can follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official Dnata Career Page here.
  2. Browse through the available job listings.
  3. Select a job opening of interest and review its details thoroughly.
  4. Complete the online application process.

How to Apply for Dnata Logistics Jobs

For those interested in logistics positions at dnata, the application process is as follows:

Candidates can fill out the form available here or submit their applications via email to [email protected].


The fact that dnata is always dedicated to quality, safety, and employee growth shows how important it is in the airline business. People who want to start a fulfilling job in the airline industry will find dnata UAE to be a bright spot of growth and opportunity.

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  1. What is dnata?
    • Dnata is one of the biggest names in global air and travel services. They provide ground handling, cargo, travel, dining, and shopping services in many countries.
  2. Where are dnata’s ground handling operations located?
    • Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, and most of dnata’s ground service operations are based there.
  3. How can I apply for jobs at Dnata Careers UAE?
    • Individuals who want to work for Dnata UAE can visit the official Dnata Career Page, look through the job openings, and then complete the online application process.
  4. Are there career development opportunities at dnata?
    • Yes, dnata is dedicated to developing talent and gives staff many job development programs and chances to grow and do well in the company.
  5. How can I contact dnata for further inquiries?
    • If people have any more questions or need help, they can contact Dnata through its official website or social media accounts.


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