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Unlock exciting career opportunities with Agthia Group! Explore the latest UAE job vacancies in water, protein, snacking, confectionery, frozen vegetables, and animal feed. Join a dynamic team driven by collaboration, determination, agility, and responsibility. Apply now and be part of a global F&B leader!

In the heart of Abu Dhabi, the Agthia Group stands tall as a leading food and beverage company, making waves with its diverse product portfolio. From refreshing water to high-quality protein, tempting snacks, delightful confectionery, frozen vegetables, and nutritious animal feed, Agthia Group is known worldwide for excellence in the F&B industry.


Agthia Group’s story is one of dedication and global impact. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the company has successfully manufactured and distributed a wide array of products, making its mark not only in the Middle East but across the globe.

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Agthia Group Products


At the core of Agthia’s offerings is water, a fundamental necessity. The company ensures the availability of premium quality water, meeting the hydration needs of millions worldwide.


Agthia Group understands the significance of protein in a healthy diet. The company is committed to well-being and produces top-tier protein products catering to diverse consumer preferences.


Indulge your taste buds with Agthia’s delightful snacking options. From savory to sweet, the snacking range offers a treat for every palate, reflecting the company’s dedication to culinary satisfaction.


Agthia’s confectionery line is a paradise of flavors for those with a sweet tooth. High-quality ingredients come together to create confectionery delights that bring joy to consumers worldwide.

Frozen Vegetables

Agthia Group extends its commitment to health with a range of frozen vegetables, ensuring convenience without compromising nutritional value. These frozen delights make wholesome meals easily accessible.

Animal Feed

Acknowledging the importance of animal nutrition, Agthia Group produces top-tier animal feed. This contribution is vital in supporting farmers and ensuring the well-being of livestock.

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Agthia Group Careers

Agthia Group’s success is a testament to the efforts of over 12,000 individuals who embody the company’s values of collaboration, determination, agility, and responsibility. The workplace culture fosters growth, expecting nothing less than stellar performance from its employees.

Hiring Process

Overview of the Hiring Process

Agthia Group’s hiring process is a gateway for individuals seeking to join a dynamic team. It revolves around the core values that define the company’s identity and success.

Emphasizing Values in Applicants

Prospective employees are encouraged to align themselves with Agthia’s values, ensuring a harmonious work environment that propels personal and professional growth.

Application Steps

  1. Visiting the Career Portal: Start your journey by navigating to Agthia Group’s Career Portal.
  2. Browsing Available Positions: Explore the diverse job openings and identify roles that match your skills and aspirations.
  3. Selecting and Reading Job Descriptions: Dive deeper into the specifics of potential positions, understanding the responsibilities and expectations.
  4. Application Process: Initiate the application process, showcasing how your skills align with Agthia Group’s vision.

Agthia Group’s Culture

Values That Drive the Company

Agthia Group’s success is built on values that form the foundation of its culture. Collaboration, determination, agility, and responsibility are not just words but principles lived by every employee.

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Employee Expectations

Working at Agthia Group means embracing a culture that expects employees to go above and beyond. The company values individuals who are proactive, innovative, and committed to excellence.

Promotion of Growth

Agthia Group is not just a workplace; it’s a platform for continuous growth. The company invests in its employees, providing opportunities for skill enhancement, career development, and leadership roles.

Why Choose Agthia Group

Unique Aspects of Working at Agthia

What sets Agthia Group apart as an employer is its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and employee well-being. Joining the Agthia family means becoming part of a forward-thinking organization that values its people.

Opportunities for Career Development

Agthia Group is not just a job; it’s a career journey. Employees are exposed to many opportunities for skill development, promotions, and career advancement.

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Agthia Group’s Online Presence

Connect with Agthia Group through its online platforms for the latest updates and insights:


In conclusion, Agthia Group’s commitment to excellence and vibrant workplace culture make it a desirable employer. If you aspire to be part of a global team driving positive change in the F&B industry, Agthia Group welcomes you.


  1. How can I apply for a job at Agthia Group?
  2. What values does Agthia Group prioritize in its employees?
    • Agthia Group values collaboration, determination, agility, and responsibility in its employees.
  3. What makes Agthia Group a unique employer?
    • Agthia Group is committed to innovation, sustainability, and employee well-being.
  4. Does Agthia Group offer opportunities for career growth?
    • Agthia Group provides ample opportunities for career development, skill enhancement, and promotions.
  5. How can I stay updated on Agthia Group’s activities?
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