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The strong foundation of the oil business in the United Arab Emirates is the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, or ADNOC. Since its founding in 1971, ADNOC has expanded to become the world’s twelfth-largest oil firm in terms of production capacity.

ADNOC was founded on February 15, 2016, under the leadership of Sultan Ahmed Al-Jaber. Its offices are in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, demonstrating its significant contribution to the country’s economy.

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Company Information

NameAbu Dhabi National Oil Company
CEOSultan Ahmed Al-Jaber
HeadquartersAbu Dhabi
FounderZayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan
Production CapacityExceeding 4 million bpd
IndustryOil and Gas

ADNOC Careers:

Who We Are

Since its founding more over 50 years ago, the Abu Dhabi government has controlled all of ADNOC, making it a prominent and diverse energy organization. We are able to adapt quickly to the changing needs of the energy market thanks to our wide network of fully integrated enterprises operating throughout the energy value chain.

Investing in sustainable solutions for the future and making today’s energy cleaner are priorities for us as one of the world’s least carbon-intensive oil and gas producers. This will help us maintain our reputation as a trustworthy and ethical global energy supplier.

Our organizational culture is based on empowering each person to be a change agent, sharing creative ideas, working together to solve obstacles, and embracing change to future-proof our company by adapting to the ever-changing energy landscape.

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Our Growth Strategy

ADNOC takes pride in being a modern and progressive energy firm, thanks to the visionary leadership of His Excellency Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, Managing Director and Group CEO. Our transformation journey prioritizes decarbonization and sustainability in all of our strategic efforts.

Maximizing our competitive advantage as a top producer of low-cost, low-carbon oil and gas is at the center of our growth strategy. It is based on our steadfast dedication to sustainability and 100% HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) standards. Our main areas of concentration are:

They are ethically increasing the output of dependable, reasonably priced, and low-carbon energy.

  • We are decarbonizing our operations by deploying Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) at scale, improving energy efficiency, guaranteeing operational excellence throughout the value chain, and switching to 100% grid power from zero-carbon energy sources.
  • We are adding more low-carbon products to our lineup and investing in cutting-edge, eco-friendly energy technologies.
  • We are fostering cooperation among energy, technology, and finance professionals to develop workable solutions for the energy transition.
  • Pushing measures for sustainable development and catalyzing the economic prosperity of the UAE.

Explore Your Future

At ADNOC, we give you the resources you need to look into employment options that fit your goals. Our organizational structure spans multiple disciplines, providing individuals with a variety of career pathways to pursue success in their particular fields.

How to Apply for ADNOC Jobs:

  1. Visit the official ADNOC job portal website here.
  2. Browse through the available job listings.
  3. Select a job listing that aligns with your qualifications and interests.
  4. Review the job description thoroughly.
  5. Apply online by following the outlined procedures.


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  1. Does ADNOC provide training programs for fresh graduates?
    • Yes, ADNOC offers a comprehensive Graduate Trainee Program to nurture young talents and provide them with a solid career foundation.
  2. What sets ADNOC apart from other oil companies?
    • ADNOC distinguishes itself by its unwavering commitment to sustainability, decarbonization, and fostering innovation in the energy sector.
  3. Are there opportunities for career growth within ADNOC?
    • Absolutely. ADNOC provides ample career advancement and growth opportunities, encouraging continuous employee learning and development.
  4. Does ADNOC only focus on traditional oil and gas production?
    • While ADNOC is a prominent oil and gas industry player, it invests significantly in renewable energy and cleaner technologies as part of its diversification strategy.
  5. How can I stay updated on job openings at ADNOC?
    • You can stay informed about the latest job vacancies at ADNOC by regularly visiting their official website or following their LinkedIn page for updates.

In summary, ADNOC is a shining example of sustainability and innovation in the world of energy. ADNOC, which has a long history dating back to 1971, has continuously pushed the limits of oil and gas production excellence while recognizing the necessity of environmental stewardship and decarbonization. ADNOC is more than just an oil firm under Sultan Ahmed Al-Jaber’s inspiring leadership; it is a force for development, accelerating economic expansion, nurturing talent, and leading the way toward a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. Regardless of experience level, ADNOC provides ample chances for development, self-determination, and significant global influence.

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