Position title
Food & Beverage Intern

Begin by greeting the guest and presenting the appropriate menus for meal time. Serve food and beverages to your guests. You can arrange tables according to the type of event or service standards. Answer questions on menu
selections. Talk to the kitchen about menu questions, wait times, re-cook orders and product selections.
availability. Notify the chef of any dietary restrictions, allergies, or special requests.
kitchen. At the time of order, record the transaction in MICROS. To ensure guest satisfaction, check in with them.
Each food and/or beverage. Ensure cleanliness in all areas of the workplace, including china, glass, and other items, during the day.
Completion of closing duties including stocking, turning off lights, and other such tasks. Complete a physical and precise check.
Payments are processed by the guest
Follow all safety and security procedures and policies of the company; report any accidents, injuries or unsafe work
Conditions to be promoted to manager. Maintain uniformity and personal appearance
Clean and professional. We are glad to have you.
Recognize all guests in accordance with company standards, anticipate and address guest's service needs, and assist
Individuals with disabilities should show genuine appreciation to guests. Use clear and frank communication to communicate with others.
Use professional language Maintain positive working relationships with others.
Share common goals and listen to and respond to employees' concerns. Respect the rules
Quality standards and expectations. Information in various formats can be read and visually verified (e.g. small print).
For a long period of time, stand, sit, or move for a whole work shift. Lift, move, carry, push and pull to place
Items weighing less than 50 pounds and greater than 50 pounds with assistance are not allowed.
With assistance. You will need to grasp, turn and manipulate objects of different sizes and weights. This requires fine motor skills and good handeye.
coordination. You can also move over uneven, slippery, or sloping surfaces.
ramps. Reach above and below your knees. Bending, twisting and pulling are all possible. Other activities
As requested by Supervisors, reasonable job duties
Safety and Security
Notify your supervisor immediately if you are injured in the workplace.
To ensure a safe and secure environment, follow safety and security procedures for your company or department.
secure environment.
Recognize and correct unsafe work practices and conditions, and/or report them back to management.
security/safety personnel.
Proper equipment is essential. Wear appropriate personal protective clothing (PPE) and use the correct lifting techniques.
Procedures to prevent injury if necessary
For handling emergencies (e.g. evacuations, medical emergencies), be sure to follow the specific property procedures.
natural disasters).
For safe storage and operation of tools, equipment and machines, follow the policies and procedures. Complete
Work tasks require the completion of appropriate safety training and certifications.
All COVID-19-related protocols and procedures must be followed in accordance with government guidelines
Intern Food and Beverage
Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel and Suites
Marriott Confidential and Proprietary Data
Policies and Procedures
You must ensure the security and privacy of your guests and coworkers.
Follow all company policies and procedures.
Make sure uniforms, nametags and personal appearances are professional, clean, and compliant with all regulations
Policies and procedures of companies
Follow Brand Standard Audit points at every time
When applicable, follow the 15/6 protocol
Protect confidential information and proprietary materials.
According to company policies, protect company equipment, machines, and other assets.
Other reasonable job duties, as required by Supervisors
Guest Relations
Service guests in a positive, professional, and timely manner.
With a smile, eye contact and friendly greetings, welcome and acknowledge all guests.
When possible, use the name of the guest.
To better understand your guests, anticipate their service needs.
Show appreciation to your guests and say goodbye with a heartfelt farewell.
Listen to and respond positively when guests ask questions, concerns or make requests about brand or property
Specific process (e.g. LEARN, Guest Response), to resolve problems, delight and build trust
Engage guests in conversation regarding their stay, property services, and area attractions/offerings.
Assist individuals with disabilities. This includes visually, hearing and physically impaired.
Individuals following guidelines (e.g., escorting when asked, using words to describe actions, writing instructions)
On paper, you can move objects or give access to Braille and TDD phones.
Assist other employees in ensuring proper guest service and coverage.
Use clear, professional language when speaking to guests or co-workers.
Disclosely and calmly discuss work topics, activities, problems, or supervisors with coworkers, managers, or supervisors.
Avoid public areas on the property.
Collaboration with others
Be there for your coworkers and treat them with respect and dignity.
Maintain productive and positive working relationships with employees and other departments.
To foster a culture of cooperation and to achieve common goals, it is important that you partner with others.
Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement
Conform to quality assurance standards and expectations
Perform Physical Tasks
Information in various formats can be read and visually verified (e.g. small print).
For a prolonged period of time, stand, sit or walk, or for the entire work day.
Without assistance, move, lift, transport, push, pull, or place objects less than 25 pounds.
With assistance, objects that exceed 50 pounds can be carried.
Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are required to grasp, turn and manipulate objects of different sizes and weights.
Intern Food and Beverage
Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel and Suites
Marriott Confidential and Proprietary Data
Do not be intimidated by slippery, uneven or sloping surfaces
You can move up and down the stairs, and/or use service ramps.
Reach above and below your knees. Bending, twisting, pulling and stooping are all possible.
General Food and Beverage Services
Keep work areas clean throughout the day by following HACCP guidelines.
Checklists and guidelines
Notify the kitchen of any dietary restrictions, allergies, or special requests.
You can set tables according to the type of event or service standard, such as types of linens and glassware.
Plate/chinaware and silver/flatware are used to ensure that all supplies meet high-quality standards.
Serve alcohol according to the appropriate procedure
Make sure that all storage areas are clean and tidy
Before serving, ensure that all food and drinks are punched in Micros.
Ensure that FIFO is observed to ensure proper stock rotation and that no items expire
Assist Management
Communicate with guests, employees, and departments to ensure that guest needs are met.
Greeting and Seating
Recommendations: Thank each guest for their company, invite them back, and say goodbye.
Final closing duties include storing all reusable items, breaking down products, and cleaning all equipment.
Return equipment to the correct locations, lock refrigerators, stock items, turn off lights, locking
Doors and daily cleaning.
Cash/Bank Handling
Record transaction in MICROS at the time of order
All payment methods must be processed in accordance to Accounting policies and procedures.
Respect property control audit standards. Cash handling procedures (e.g. blind drops) should be followed.
End of shift count bank, complete designated cashier reports and resolve any discrepancies. Drop off receipts.
Secure bank
Assign a bank to verify the accuracy of the contracted monies and obtain any required change.
Bank security at all times and business level
Following security procedures, transport the bank to/from the assigned workstation.
Establish and organize cashier workstations with the appropriate supplies, forms, or resource materials.
At all times, cleanliness at work
Steps to Service
Pay by presenting a physical and accurate check
To ensure that guests are satisfied with every course of food and/or beverage, it is important to check in with them.
Ask questions about menu selections and talk to the kitchen staff if you need further clarification.
Talk to the kitchen about the time it takes to prepare food, the recook orders, or the product.

Job Location
Dubai, Dubai, Dubai, 00000, UAE
Employment Type
Base Salary
AED3000-AED6000 Per month
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Position: Food & Beverage Intern

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