Jobs in Qatar Airways | Qatar Aircraft Catering Company – Entry Level Roles

Jobs in Qatar Airways: Qatar Aircraft Catering Company looking for candidates to join the Qatar Aircraft Catering Company Division at an entry level position. We currently have multiple openings across these roles :

  • Third Commis Chef : Responsible for the execution of work assigned by the supervisor to provide and accommodate all daily food products as per airlines specifications and menu cycle,  assist seniors in VIP flight preparations and with all hygiene standards and documentation done for all mise-en-place and meals, facilitate at all times proper cleanliness in all work, storage space and refrigeration areas. 
  • Laundry Assistant  : You will be responsible to meet customer’s expectation by ensuring all offloaded airline linen and blankets are sorted and received from supplier within the stipulated time and as per the hygiene guideline adopted by the unit. You will also ensure that all washed linen and blanket are counted and made available for user departments/ QR flights as per the requirement, Reporting all stained and damaged linen products found during shift, assist in sorting of incoming soiled and proper storage of fresh airline linen and blankets etc.
  • Stores Helper : Assist in reception, arranging, thawing, and issuance of materials in Stores Department for a smooth flow of work,  help in preparing physical stock count and support the checking of expiry dates of items in order to minimize wastage and  perate specialists’ equipment, such as electric pallet stackers, very narrow aisle truck pallet inverter, and pallet wrapper.
  • Tray Setter : You will be responsible to undertake tray setup/equipment packing and execution of flights/meal pickup as per airline laid down specifications.  You will also pick up meals as per airline specification and schedule, ensure safe and proper handling of customer equipment and assist in efficient usage of resources and reducing wastage, among others.
  • Cleaner : The purpose of this role is to monitor, guide and assist a group of cleaners to perform allocated tasks of cleaning in all areas/equipment in accordance to Food Safety Standards under the guidance of the Cleaning Agent or Team Leader in charge, carry out cleaning of area premises of the entire facility including external and peripheral areas, lead a group of cleaners in an assigned area to ensure that standard instructions are complied with in relation to the assigned cleaning tasks.
  • Ware Washer : You would be responsible for carrying most of the handling activity necessary for washing the soiled equipment for reuse by production and equipment packing. You would need to use mental skill and knowledge to dismantle, segregate, soak, wash, and supply equipment to user sections. You would also need to carry out the most logistical and cleaning/ washing activity and turn soiled equipment to high standard ready-to-use equipment. You would also be responsible to operate various ware washing systems to execute tasks.
  • Equipment Packing Assistant : You will be responsible to coordinate the output of a small group of Equipment Packing Assistant I and agency employees. You will ensure that all equipment and menu cards required for a flight are packed and ready for dispatch in accordance to the airline specifications. You will also ensure to receive equipment at the receiving end of the dishwasher, check quality, pack and supply to the user department as per their requirement.


We are looking for candidates with the below mentioned experience and skills 

  • Ability to communicate in English both written and spoken
  • High school qualification
  • Willing to handle Physical / manual work 
  • Ability to frequently stand, walk, bend, stoop, lift and reach during the entire length of shift
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

    Candidates with the below experience would be preferred : 
  • Experience of using specialist equipment (Electric pallet stackers, very narrow aisle trucks, Forklifts)
  • Basic knowledge in food hygiene, HACCP, and basic food cooking technique 

You should be willing to work closely with a team and overall have a very positive attitude. Candidates can apply for the above-mentioned jobs through the official Qatar Airways website by clicking the given link.

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