Tips before signing an offer letter

sharing this to raise awareness that reading before signing an offer letter is critical

1. Ensure the company signatory signs the offer letter first, preferably with the company stamp.

2. The salary breakdown per UAE standard is 60% Basic, 20% Housing and 20% Transportation.

(most companies do not follow this breakdown, as when the employee leaves, the gratuity computations will be based on the basic salary, not gross salary)

3. NEVER sign a consent form that the employer will "safely keep" your passport. Keep in mind that this is ILLEGAL.

4. The employer covers all visa costs and medical insurance. (The employee should not pay change status)

5. After receiving and signing the offer letter, make sure to ask for your employment contract from the company,

which will be detailed and specific on the rules of your employment throughout your stay.

7. When the employer starts to process your visa, they will require you to submit the following:

A. Passport copy B. Passport-sized photo C. Attested educational degree (depends on the position) D. Visa cancellation (moving from X company)

8. You will only provide your actual passport to process your medical exam and Emirates ID application.