Security Guard Jobs in Dubai & UAE

Security Guard Jobs in Dubai are available across UAE but before you apply there are certain requirements that you should know. We have gathered important information for your convenience and given it below so you can decide if you are fit to apply for a Security Guard Career in Dubai.

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Job PositionSecurity Guard/Watchman
Job LocationAcross UAE
NationalitySelective (Update)
EducationDPS Passed (Depending Upon Position)
ExperienceSpecified Below
Core SkillsWell Trained
Salary Range3500-8500 AED
Last UpdatedAugust 20, 2021

Security Guard Jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Across UAE

Job Description of Security Guard:

Security Guards are needed by companies or private parties or the government to protect their assets from all forms of harm (waste, damage, criminal activity etc). A security guard does this by using preventive measures as they deem fit in the situation. A security guard needs to have a dominating presence to ward off any uninvited scenarios and may also patrol the premises through security cameras, alarms etc. In case of any unforeseen event, a security guard has to inform the emergency services and assist them in whatever form possible.

Security guard positions are also available under the title of Usher, Bouncer, Security Officer, Armoured Car Personnel, Body Guard and Doorman.

Security Guards undergo special training to assist them in carrying and using firearms and weapons. Training is also provided for first aid, CPR, arrest and control and writing reports. Becoming a security guard is not easy though it is a very worthy career because of the numerous benefits that it offers.

Eligibility criteria for Security Guard Jobs in Dubai:

Before 2001, anyone could work as a security guard in UAE. After the implementation of the security regulation, companies in UAE have very strict requirements about their security teams. To work as a Security Guard, Security Officer or as part of Security Staff in Dubai & Abu Dhabi you need to pass the SIRA or PSBD or DPS exam before applying. These are tests and programs conducted to train prospective security guards. SIRA refers to the Government of Dubai’s security industry regulator, the Security Industry Regulatory Agency and PSBD is Private Security Business Department.

The implementation of this regulation has resulted in the industry being greatly regulated and beneficial for employees as well. Security guard jobs are attractive because of the professionalism that these posts offer along with many other benefits.

Other general requirements for security guard career includes:
  • Alert and sharp personality
  • Proficiency in English. Arabic language proficiency is advantageous
  • Ability to follow directions
  • Willingness to risk life and health for protection
  • Loyalty and Honesty
  • A clean criminal record and no prior arrest

Benefits of Security Guard Career in Dubai:

Security guard jobs are tough in Dubai, with long hours, work stress and demanding clients. However, there are plenty of rewards also for security jobs in Dubai. If you are a security guard in UAE or Dubai or want to start a security guard career then these benefits await you.

  • Good salary package
  • Respectable job
  • Professional training
  • Relevant authorities keep a check and balance of Employment contracts.
  • Security guards are considered a member of the national defense.
  • The employers cannot be unfair with salary or benefits because the Security department keeps check on it.
  • You can utilize the training wherever you choose to work next and even in personal life.
  • Smart and groomed uniform

How to Apply for Security Guard Jobs in Dubai:

Candidates meeting the eligibility criteria and those with the passion and determination to excel should email their CV, cover letter and credentials to the email address provided in the job post below. Alternatively, you may call on the phone number provided or visit the location for scheduled interviews. We wish you good luck in your job search for a Security Guard Career in Dubai.

Salary: AED 3500 – AED 8500

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Tips Before Applying for a Job

  • Research the company: Research the company and find out as much as possible about the role and the company. This will help you understand the company’s culture and goals, and prepare for any questions you may have during the interview.
  • Perfect your resume: Take the time to perfect your resume and make sure it is up to date and reflects your most recent skills and experience.
  • Prepare for the interview: Prepare for the interview by researching common interview questions and thinking of examples you can use to answer them. Also, practice speaking in front of a mirror or with a friend to help reduce your nerves.
  • Dress for success: Dress professionally for the interview, and make sure you are well groomed.
  • Follow up: After the interview, be sure to follow up with a thank you email, and if you haven’t heard back in a few days, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for an update.

How do you Email Job Applications to a Company?

When emailing a job application to a company, you should include a brief introduction about yourself, a copy of your resume, a formal job application letter, and any other relevant documents.

Your introduction should include your name, the job title you are applying for, and any relevant experience and qualifications.

Your resume should include any relevant education, skills, and experience you have. Make sure to include the most relevant information first. Your job application letter should include a brief summary of your experience, why you are interested in the job, and why you are a good fit. Finally, if you have any other relevant documents, such as references, certifications, or other materials, you should include them in the email as well.

Make sure to include a professional salutation and sign off at the end of the email. Once you have included all of the necessary documents and information, proofread your email to make sure everything is correct and accurate, and then send it off to the company.

Be Aware of Job Scammers

Job scammers, also known as “Employment Scams,” are a growing problem in today’s job market. These scams are designed to exploit job seekers by offering them “too good to be true” job opportunities with high pay and/or benefits. The scammers attempt to steal personal information such as a Social Security number, bank account information, or credit card numbers. To avoid becoming a victim of a job scam, job seekers should be wary of any job offers that require an upfront payment or ask for personal information before an interview. Additionally, job seekers should never send money to a potential employer. Finally, job seekers should research a company before applying and never respond to emails from unknown senders.

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