Mashreq Securities Job Vacancies and How to Apply: Latest UAE Vacancies

In the dynamic and ever-evolving financial landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Mashreq Securities stands out as a pioneering entity, offering a gateway for investors to access the Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Nasdaq Dubai Stock Exchanges. With an investor base of over 18,000 individuals, Mashreq Securities has firmly established itself as a critical player in online trading.

Suppose you’re looking for opportunities to join this dynamic environment. In that case, this article will guide you on how to explore job vacancies at Mashreq Securities and how to apply for them.

Introduction to Mashreq Securities

Mashreq Securities, a subsidiary of Mashreq Bank, is a prominent financial institution in the UAE. It provides investors with the tools and platforms to engage in online trading on the stock exchanges of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Nasdaq Dubai.

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This institution’s commitment to innovation, security, and customer satisfaction has made it a preferred choice for regional investors.

Career Opportunities

Diverse Roles

Mashreq Securities offers a diverse array of career opportunities. Whether you’re an experienced finance professional or just beginning your journey in the financial sector, they have positions that may suit your qualifications and aspirations.

Mashreq Securities Official Website

High Customization

One of the significant advantages of working with Mashreq Securities is the high degree of customization available to its employees. They recognize that each employee is unique and may have different needs and expectations. Therefore, they provide the flexibility to tailor your career path to meet your goals.

How to Apply

The Official Website

While Mashreq Securities does not have a dedicated career section on its official website, you can still explore job opportunities with them. Send your job applications and resumes to [email protected]. The HR team at Mashreq Securities will review your application and consider you for suitable vacancies.

Mashreq Bank Career Portal

You can also visit the Mashreq Bank Career Portal to enhance your job search. Mashreq Bank is the parent company of Mashreq Securities, and they often share job listings on their website. This is an additional resource to explore potential job openings within the Mashreq family.

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Contact Information

If you prefer a more direct approach, contact Mashreq Securities at +971 4 363 2222. Their dedicated support team can guide you through the application process and answer any queries.


In conclusion, Mashreq Securities offers exciting career opportunities in the vibrant financial sector of the UAE. With a solid commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, and customization, Mashreq Securities provides a promising environment for career growth. To explore the latest job vacancies and embark on a rewarding financial journey, follow the steps mentioned in this article.


Is Mashreq Securities a reputable financial institution in the UAE?

Mashreq Securities, as a subsidiary of Mashreq Bank, is well-regarded in the UAE’s financial sector and has a substantial presence in the online trading domain.

How can I apply for a job at Mashreq Securities?

You can apply at Mashreq Securities by sending your application to [email protected] or by exploring job listings on the Mashreq Bank Career Portal.

What types of roles are available at Mashreq Securities?

Mashreq Securities offers a wide range of roles, catering to both experienced finance professionals and those new to the industry.

How does Mashreq Securities support employee development?

Mashreq Securities provides high levels of customization, allowing employees to tailor their career paths to suit their individual goals.

What contact information can I use to reach out to Mashreq Securities?

You can contact Mashreq Securities via phone at +97143632222.


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