Latest Vacancies in UAE – Job Details and Contact Information

Looking for Electrician, AC Mechanic, and Engine Technician

Electrician 2, 000/-
AC Mechanic 2500/-
Engine Technician 3000/-

  • accommodation and transportation provided

Send Resume/CV to WhatsApp 0507381182

Vacancy Available in Mussafah

Waiter or Waitress for a Cafeteria

Contact: 0505512065

Kitchen Helper

Need someone for cleaning.

Those interested please call 0504206336

BBQ and Chinese Food Cook Vacancy

Need someone who knows bbq & Chinese

+971 56 973 0873

Hiring for Cafeteria

If anyone knows cafeteria work, please contact 0508320221

HR Vacancy for Experienced Candidate

Job Location: Al Aine, UAE.

Contact through WhatsApp only: 0523473896

Hiring A Blogger / Digital Marketing Expert

Job Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Contact (Whatsapp Only)

Juice & Sandwich Maker Job Vacancy

Job Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Whatsapp/Call: 0504173429

Job Vacancy in Typing Center

Job Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Experience: Minimum 2 Year

Send cv: WhatsApp only

Tyler Vacancy in Ajman

One who knows Kandora cutting and stitching, please contact: 0559138897

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Tips Before Applying for a Job

  • Research the company: Research the company and find out as much as possible about the role and the company. This will help you understand the company’s culture and goals, and prepare for any questions you may have during the interview.
  • Perfect your resume: Take the time to perfect your resume and make sure it is up to date and reflects your most recent skills and experience.
  • Prepare for the interview: Prepare for the interview by researching common interview questions and thinking of examples you can use to answer them. Also, practice speaking in front of a mirror or with a friend to help reduce your nerves.
  • Dress for success: Dress professionally for the interview, and make sure you are well groomed.
  • Follow up: After the interview, be sure to follow up with a thank you email, and if you haven’t heard back in a few days, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for an update.

How do you Email Job Applications to a Company?

When emailing a job application to a company, you should include a brief introduction about yourself, a copy of your resume, a formal job application letter, and any other relevant documents.

Your introduction should include your name, the job title you are applying for, and any relevant experience and qualifications.

Your resume should include any relevant education, skills, and experience you have. Make sure to include the most relevant information first. Your job application letter should include a brief summary of your experience, why you are interested in the job, and why you are a good fit. Finally, if you have any other relevant documents, such as references, certifications, or other materials, you should include them in the email as well.

Make sure to include a professional salutation and sign off at the end of the email. Once you have included all of the necessary documents and information, proofread your email to make sure everything is correct and accurate, and then send it off to the company.

Be Aware of Job Scammers

Job scammers, also known as “Employment Scams,” are a growing problem in today’s job market. These scams are designed to exploit job seekers by offering them “too good to be true” job opportunities with high pay and/or benefits. The scammers attempt to steal personal information such as a Social Security number, bank account information, or credit card numbers. To avoid becoming a victim of a job scam, job seekers should be wary of any job offers that require an upfront payment or ask for personal information before an interview. Additionally, job seekers should never send money to a potential employer. Finally, job seekers should research a company before applying and never respond to emails from unknown senders.

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