How to Get a Job in Burj Al Arab Dubai: Complete Guide with Direct Link

If you’ve ever dreamed of working in one of the most iconic hotels in the world, Burj Al Arab in Dubai might be the place for you. With its recent job postings, Burj Al Arab Careers offers opportunities for individuals who aspire to be a part of the luxurious hospitality industry in the UAE. As the largest hotel in the country and the 7th-tallest hotel globally, the Burj Al Arab is synonymous with Arabian luxury and excellence.

About Burj Al Arab

Before securing a job at the Burj Al Arab, let’s get to know this illustrious hotel better. The Burj Al Arab is located on its island and is owned by Jumeirah Hotel and Resorts. This architectural marvel was completed in 1999 at a staggering cost of $1 billion. It boasts 56 floors, 202 rooms, and an impressive array of nine signature restaurants.

Job Details

If you’re excited about the prospect of working at Burj Al Arab, here are some essential details you need to know:

Hotel NameBurj Al Arab
NationalitySelective (Update)
EducationEquivalent degree or diploma
Experience2 to 4 years
Salary RangeAED 3500–8500 (depending on the Positions)

The qualifications required for each job position vary. Still, some roles may necessitate tertiary education and relevant work experience in a specific sector, while others may only require a high school diploma. However, regardless of your position, there are certain qualities that Burj Al Arab values in all its employees.

The Jumeirah Group Pledges

To be a part of the Jumeirah Group, you should possess a friendly personality and excellent communication skills. Additionally, all Jumeirah employees are expected to adhere to three key pledges:

  1. Before they meet me, I will always greet them with a smile.
  2. I will not respond to any guest request with a no response.
  3. Respect and Integrity are my standards for all of my colleagues.

These pledges reflect the dedication and enthusiasm required to excel in a job at Jumeirah Group.

Benefits of Working at Burj Al Arab Hotel

Working at the Burj Al Arab offers many benefits, making it an attractive career choice. Some of these benefits include:

  • Competitive salaries
  • Shared accommodation in fully furnished apartments
  • Transportation to and from work
  • Uniform and laundry service
  • Meals are free of charge during working hours.
  • Annual airfare
  • Discounted rates for employees and their families at Jumeirah hotels
  • Medical coverage

This comprehensive package not only ensures a comfortable lifestyle but also provides the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the hospitality industry while working for one of the world’s top hotel groups.

How to Apply

Now that you’re eager to join the Burj Al Arab team, here’s how you can apply:

Method 1: LinkedIn

burj al arab jobs in linkedin
  1. Open LinkedIn’s job section here.
  2. Search for “Burj Al Arab” and set the location to “Dubai.”
  3. Click the search button to find relevant job listings.
  4. Choose the job role that suits you best and apply online by following the provided details.

Method 2: Jumeirah Group’s Official Career Portal

  1. Visit the Jumeirah Group Official Career Portal.
  2. Select your desired job role.
  3. Create an account by uploading your CV and documents.
  4. Complete the application process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is the actual owner of Burj Al Arab?

Burj Al Arab is developed and managed by the Jumeirah hotel company. It is located on an artificial island, 280 meters (920 feet) from Jumeirah Beach, with a private curving bridge connecting it to the mainland.

2. What makes Burj Al Arab a unique place to work?

Burj Al Arab offers a unique blend of luxury, career growth, and competitive benefits, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking a fulfilling career in the hospitality industry.

3. Is prior experience in the hospitality industry mandatory to apply for jobs at Burj Al Arab?

While some positions require specific industry experience, there are roles suitable for candidates from various backgrounds. Check the job descriptions for particular requirements.

4. Are there opportunities for career advancement at Burj Al Arab?

Yes, Burj Al Arab is known for providing growth opportunities to its employees. Your dedication and performance can lead to a rewarding career path within the organization.

5. How does Burj Al Arab contribute to the local community in Dubai?

Burj Al Arab is committed to sustainability and community engagement. They undertake various initiatives to support the local community and minimize their environmental footprint.

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