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AstraZeneca has had a presence in the Gulf area since the early 1980s and has expanded over the years to be one of the top-performing multinational companies in the region. We want to be valued by society for the innovative, life-changing medicines we provide and trusted as a company that conducts business responsibly. We are committed to operating with integrity and high ethical standards across all our activities.

AstraZeneca’s Commitment to the Gulf Region

AstraZeneca, a global pharmaceutical giant, has been an integral part of the Gulf region since the early 1980s. Over the years, it has become one of the leading multinational companies in the area.

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AstraZeneca’s commitment to the Gulf region goes beyond business. Here’s a closer look at their dedication to the part and how you can join their mission.

Scientific Leadership for a Better Tomorrow

AstraZeneca believes Scientific Leadership is the key to achieving their goals in the Gulf region. It is the driving force behind all their interactions and initiatives.

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The company is steadfast in its commitment to maintaining a long-term presence in the Gulf and supporting the local community. They do this by investing in various aspects, including:

1. Continuous Education

AstraZeneca is dedicated to continuously educating healthcare professionals in the Gulf region. They organize scientific, non-promotional meetings to enhance knowledge and expertise.

2. Research and Local Data Generation

The company actively invests in research and local data generation, contributing to advancing medical knowledge and solutions tailored to the Gulf’s specific healthcare needs.

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3. Patient Support Programmes

AstraZeneca strives to improve patient outcomes by providing comprehensive patient support programs. This commitment extends to enhancing the overall quality of healthcare in the Gulf.

How to Join AstraZeneca Gulf

If you are interested in becoming a part of AstraZeneca Gulf, here’s how you can apply:


AstraZeneca Gulf operates from its head office in Dubai, UAE. Additionally, it has offices in Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman. The company embraces diversity and inclusion, with a workforce representing over 20 nationalities, and 40% of the employees are female.

Creating a Great Place to Work

Creating a Great Place to Work is a global strategic priority for AstraZeneca, extending to their Gulf operations. In March 2016, AstraZeneca Gulf was recognized as one of the top 20 companies to work for in the UAE. In October 2016, they received the Achievement Award for being the “Most Woman-Friendly Employer – Multinational” at the 18th Global Women in Leadership Economic Forum.

Current Opportunities

As a rapidly growing company, AstraZeneca Gulf is continuously on the lookout for talented individuals. They often have openings for roles such as Medical Representatives and Marketing, Medical, Market Access, and business support services positions.

If you’re eager to join their team, follow these steps:

1. Submit Your Application

Send your CV and a cover letter specifying the position you are interested into [email protected].

2. Get in Touch

For further inquiries or to learn more about AstraZeneca Gulf, you can contact them at:

AstraZeneca Gulf FZ LLC 2nd Floor, Building 27 – Block D Dubai Healthcare City Dubai, UAE. Tel: +971 4 3624888

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For more information about AstraZeneca Gulf and their work, you can visit the following links:

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Is AstraZeneca Gulf only focused on pharmaceuticals?
    While AstraZeneca is primarily a pharmaceutical company, they are deeply committed to the Gulf region and engage in various activities, including healthcare professional education and research.
  2. How diverse is AstraZeneca Gulf’s workforce?
    AstraZeneca Gulf boasts a diverse workforce comprising individuals from over 20 nationalities, with a significant representation of females.
  3. Are there opportunities for non-medical professionals to join AstraZeneca Gulf?
    AstraZeneca Gulf occasionally has openings for various Marketing, Market Access, and business support services roles.
  4. What is the significance of AstraZeneca Gulf’s commitment to Scientific Leadership?
    Scientific Leadership is at the core of AstraZeneca’s mission in the Gulf region. It drives their efforts to advance healthcare through education, research, and patient support.
  5. How can I contact AstraZeneca Gulf for career-related inquiries?
    You can contact AstraZeneca Gulf at their Dubai office by calling +971 4 3624888 or email [email protected].
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