Al Shirawi Contracting Company Hiring: Complete Company Details and How to Apply

In the heart of the United Arab Emirates, a story of growth and success unfolds. The Al Shirawi Contracting Company, a part of the prestigious Al Shirawi Group, has emerged as a prominent player in various industries. With a legacy that traces back to 1971, this article takes you on a journey through the remarkable rise of Al Shirawi Contracting Company, complete company details, and how you can join this dynamic organization.


The Al Shirawi Contracting Company is a shining gem in the crown of the Al Shirawi Group, a UAE-based conglomerate. Over the past five decades, this company has not only grown but has also diversified into various sectors, making a significant impact on the business landscape of the UAE.

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The Al Shirawi Group: A Legacy Unveiled

The journey of the Al Shirawi Group began in 1971 as a small trading house with a grand vision. Today, it is a relentless realm with over 30 companies operating across 17 diverse verticals in the UAE.

Al Shirawi Official Website

This astounding growth is a testament to the group’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.

Diverse Business Verticals


Al Shirawi Contracting Company has established itself as a market leader in the construction industry. Their expertise extends to residential and commercial projects, contributing to the iconic skyline of the UAE.

Oil & Gas

In the energy sector, Al Shirawi Contracting Company plays a pivotal role. They are involved in various aspects of the oil and gas industry, contributing to the nation’s energy security.

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Manufacturing is another stronghold of Al Shirawi. They are known for producing high-quality products across various industries.


Al Shirawi’s presence in the healthcare sector ensures that the community has access to top-notch medical services, improving the nation’s overall well-being.


Education is the foundation of progress, and Al Shirawi’s commitment to education is evident through its investments in this sector.

Exploring More Verticals


Trading is at the core of Al Shirawi’s business. They are involved in importing and exporting various goods, contributing to international trade.


Al Shirawi’s presence in the energy sector goes beyond oil and gas. They are actively involved in renewable energy solutions, contributing to a sustainable future.


Sustainability is a key focus area for Al Shirawi. Their investments in renewables underscore their commitment to a greener planet.

Water Solutions

Water scarcity is a global concern, and Al Shirawi addresses it through its water solutions division.

Transport and Logistics

Efficient transportation and logistics are vital for any economy, and Al Shirawi excels in this domain.

Further Ventures


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is another area where Al Shirawi has made significant strides in ensuring comfortable environments for all.

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Al Shirawi’s innovations have substantially impacted electronics, contributing to technological advancements.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment is essential for construction and infrastructure development, and Al Shirawi provides top-quality solutions.

Location and Contact Information

If you wish to get in touch with Al Shirawi Contracting Company, here are their address details:

Address: Airport Road, Al Shirawi Building, PO Box 93, Dubai, UAE

Phone: +971 4 282 1000 Email: [email protected]

How to Apply for Jobs at Al Shirawi Contracting Company

The process is simple if you’re interested in becoming a part of this dynamic organization. Visit the official career portal, browse the available jobs, and apply online. The Al Shirawi Contracting Company frequently updates job listings, so watch for exciting opportunities.

Email:[email protected]

Recent Job Openings

As of the latest update, Al Shirawi Contracting Company has 17 job openings. To explore these opportunities, visit their LinkedIn page or the dedicated career website. Your next career move might be a click away.

Al Shirawi Linkedin page


The Al Shirawi Contracting Company is a testament to the power of vision, dedication, and excellence. With a legacy spanning five decades and a diverse portfolio spanning 17 verticals, this company continues to shape the future of the UAE. Whether you want to join their team or learn more about their impressive journey, Al Shirawi Contracting Company is a name worth knowing.


  1. Q: What is the history of Al Shirawi Contracting Company?
    A: Al Shirawi Contracting Company began as a small trading house in 1971 and has since evolved into a conglomerate with over 30 companies.
  2. Q: In which sectors does Al Shirawi Contracting Company operate?
    A: Al Shirawi Contracting Company operates across 17 diverse verticals, including construction, oil & gas, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and more.
  3. Q: How can I apply for a job at Al Shirawi Contracting Company?
    A: To apply for a job, visit their official career portal, browse the available positions, and apply online.
  4. Q: What is the company’s commitment to sustainability?
    A: Al Shirawi Contracting Company is committed to sustainability and is actively involved in renewable energy and water solutions.
  5. Q: Where can I find the latest job openings at Al Shirawi Contracting Company?
    A: You can find the latest job openings on their LinkedIn and dedicated career websites.

For further inquiries or to explore job opportunities, visit Al Shirawi Contracting Company.

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