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Al Khaja Group is a leading company in the UAE that offers a wide range of job opportunities. You can find the latest job vacancies at Al Khaja Holding on their website. They have a variety of positions available, from entry-level to executive roles. Apply now and join the team!

Introduction to Al Khaja Group and Al Khaja Holding

In the vibrant landscape of the United Arab Emirates, Al Khaja Group is a prominent business entity, boasting a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1986. The group has become a master developer and operator of various high-end business activities, ranging from fine dining restaurants to globally renowned fashion brands.

Overview of Al Khaja Group’s Business Activities

Al Khaja Group’s business portfolio is a testament to its entrepreneurial spirit. From conceptualizing unique restaurant experiences to managing fast-food lounges and ice cream parlors, the group has successfully positioned itself in the UAE market by aligning with local market needs.

Evolution of Al Khaja Group from 1986 to Present

What began as a humble venture in 1986 has evolved into a powerhouse in the UAE’s hospitality sector. The journey from a small start-up to an independent master developer showcases Al Khaja Group’s resilience and commitment to excellence.

Al Khaja Holding’s Foundation and Growth

Founded in 1969 by Mr. Ismail Fateh Ali Al Khaja, Al Khaja Holding has grown into one of the leading holding groups in the UAE. The group’s investments span diverse sectors, including hospitals, pharmacies, health care, education, contracting, real estate, publishing, and distribution.

Diverse Business Sectors Covered by Al Khaja Holding

Al Khaja Holding’s commitment to diversification is evident in its extensive business sectors. From contributing to the healthcare industry to making strides in education, the group plays a pivotal role in shaping various facets of the UAE’s economy.

Vision and Leadership of Mr. Ismail AI Khaja

Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Ismail AI Khaja, Al Khaja Holding has experienced continuous growth. His corporate vision has propelled each member company to contribute significantly to the overall success of the group.

Al Khaja Holding’s Contribution to the UAE’s Economy

The impact of Al Khaja Holding extends beyond its businesses. The group’s collective contribution to the UAE’s economy is substantial, reflecting its commitment to its growth and prosperity.

Exploring Career Opportunities with Al Khaja Group

For individuals seeking exciting career prospects, Al Khaja Group offers a diverse range of opportunities. Whether you’re passionate about fine dining, premium coffee, fast food, or fashion, the group provides professional growth and development avenues.

How to Apply for Al Khaja Group Careers

Navigating the application process for Al Khaja Group careers is straightforward. The official career portal ( is the gateway to discovering and applying for the latest job vacancies.

Al Khaja Group’s Presence in Abu Dhabi

The group’s presence in Abu Dhabi is marked by its head office on Aradah St in Al Nahyan. With a commitment to excellence, Al Khaja Group contributes significantly to the city’s dynamic business landscape.

Al Khaja Group’s Presence in Dubai

In Dubai, Al Khaja Group operates from Al Fattan Plaza on Airport Road in Garhoud. This strategic location reflects the group’s dedication to serving diverse communities and meeting the ever-evolving demands of the market.

Contact Information for Al Khaja Holding

For those seeking more information or wishing to connect with Al Khaja Holding, the contact details are as follows:

  • Abu Dhabi – Head Office:
    • Address: Aradah St, Al Nahyan, P.O.Box: 4358, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    • Tel: +971(2) 6265959
    • Fax: +971(2) 6265991
    • Email: [email protected]
  • Dubai Office:
    • Address: Al Fattan Plaza, Airport Road – Garhoud, P.O.Box: 5582, Dubai, UAE
    • Tel: +971(4) 3791727
    • Fax: +971(2) 6265991
    • Email: [email protected]

Web References for Al Khaja Group and Al Khaja Holding

For additional insights, you can explore the official websites:


In conclusion, Al Khaja Group and Al Khaja Holding have left an indelible mark on the UAE’s business landscape. Their commitment to excellence, visionary leadership, and diverse business ventures make them standout contributors to the nation’s prosperity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can I apply for a career with Al Khaja Group?

A: To explore job opportunities and apply, visit the official career portal at

Q2: What sectors does Al Khaja Holding invest in?

A: Al Khaja Holding invests in various sectors, including hospitals, pharmacies, health care, education, contracting, industrial supply, real estate, publishing, and distribution.

Q3: Where is Al Khaja Group’s head office located in Abu Dhabi?

A: Al Khaja Group’s head office in Abu Dhabi is on Aradah St in Al Nahyan, with the address P.O. 4358.

Q4: What is the strategic focus of Al Khaja Holding in its business operations?

A: Al Khaja Holding focuses on diversification, contributing significantly to the UAE’s economy across various business sectors.

Q5: How can I contact Al Khaja Holding for more information?

A: You can contact Al Khaja Holding through their email at [email protected] or by calling their respective offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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