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Explore exciting career opportunities at Aamal Company in Qatar – a key player in industrial manufacturing, trading, property, and managed services. Join a dynamic team committed to maximum growth, innovation, and excellence. Discover our market-leading positions and comprehensive training programs. Apply now and shape your future with Aamal.

In the dynamic landscape of Qatar’s business environment, Aamal Company stands tall as one of the largest and most diversified entities.

This article delves into the intricacies of Aamal Company’s operations, its market-leading positions, and the exciting career opportunities it offers.

Introduction to Aamal Company

Aamal Company has been pivotal in shaping Qatar’s economic growth and development. Operating across 29 businesses, Aamal has established itself as a key player in industrial manufacturing, trading and distribution, property, and managed services.

Key InformationDetails
Company NameAamal Company
Business SectorsIndustrial Manufacturing, Trading, Property, Managed Services
OperationsAcross 29 businesses
Market PositionsMarket-leading positions in four key sectors
VisionTo be a leader and innovator in operating sectors
MissionDelivering maximum growth at minimum risk
Core ValuesExcellence, Governance, Entrepreneurial Spirit
Workforce ValuesFairness, Non-discrimination, Employee Support
Training ProgramsComprehensive programs for employee development
Job OpportunitiesChek below

Overview of Aamal’s Operations

Aamal’s operations span diverse sectors, providing a balanced exposure to Qatar’s evolving economy. The company is strategically positioned to leverage the increasing demand from private and public sectors as Qatar becomes an advanced and self-sufficient economy.

Aamal’s Market-Leading Positions

Aamal Company proudly holds market-leading positions in four key growth sectors. This dominance ensures that the company is well-poised to capitalize on the opportunities in these sectors, contributing significantly to Qatar’s economic landscape.

Aamal Company Careers: Growth and Development

Despite being one of the largest companies in Qatar, Aamal is continually seeking to expand its team. The company fosters a culture of growth and development, making it an ideal workplace for innovators and thought leaders who share a passion for Qatar’s industry and community service.

Qualities Sought in Candidates

Aamal values dedication and innovation in its workforce. The company is looking for individuals who are not just employees but contributors to the vision and mission of Aamal; individuals committed to the growth of Qatar’s economy.

Mission, Vision, and Values of Aamal

Aamal’s foundation is built upon a clear mission, vision, and values guiding its operations and decisions.

Aamal’s Vision: Leader and Innovator

Aamal aspires to be recognized as a leader and innovator within its industry sectors. The company aims for excellence in service delivery and professionalism, exceeding the expectations of all stakeholders.

Aamal’s Mission: Maximum Growth at Minimum Risk

Aamal’s mission is concise yet powerful – to deliver maximum growth at minimum risk. This is achieved through a diversified structure that provides high-quality exposure to the Qatar growth story.

Aamal’s Core Values: Excellence, Governance, and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Excellence is at the core of all Aamal activities. The company is committed to the highest standards in governance, investing in human capital development, and nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit.

Empowering the Workforce at Aamal

Aamal is dedicated to treating every employee fairly and without discrimination. The company creates value for its workforce by supporting them in reaching their full potential and fostering an environment that empowers individuals to contribute meaningfully to its success.

Training and Development Opportunities

Aamal recognizes the importance of continuous learning and development. The company offers comprehensive training programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of its employees, ensuring they stay at the forefront of industry trends.

Job Opportunities at Aamal

For those interested in joining the Aamal team, exciting job opportunities await. Send your updated resume to [email protected] to kickstart your journey with one of Qatar’s leading companies.

Application Process: How to Join the Team

Curious about the application process? Visit Aamal’s official website to explore the current job openings and learn more about the steps to become a part of the Aamal family.


In conclusion, Aamal Company contributes significantly to Qatar’s economic growth and provides a platform for individuals to thrive in their careers.

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Q1: How diverse are Aamal’s business operations?

A1: Aamal operates across 29 businesses, providing diverse exposure to various sectors of Qatar’s economy.

Q2: What qualities does Aamal look for in potential candidates?

A2: Aamal seeks dedicated individuals who are passionate about Qatar’s industry and committed to innovation.

Q3: How does Aamal empower its workforce?

A3: Aamal empowers its workforce by treating everyone fairly, without discrimination, and supporting them in reaching their full potential.

Q4: Are there specific training programs at Aamal for employee development?

A4: Yes, Aamal offers comprehensive training programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of its employees.

Q5: How can I apply for a job at Aamal?

A5: To apply for a job at Aamal, send your updated resume to [email protected].

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