Sharjah Asset Management (SAMH) Careers: Latest UAE Vacancies and Job Application Guide

Explore exciting career opportunities at Sharjah Asset Management Holding (SAMH). Discover SAMH’s pivotal role in Sharjah’s economic development, its diverse investment portfolio, and a seamless application process. Join us in shaping the future. Apply now!

Introduction to Sharjah Asset Management Holding (SAMH)

Sharjah Asset Management Holding (SAMH) serves as the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, operating under the Sharjah Finance Department since its establishment in 2008. Over the years, SAMH has evolved to encompass investment, asset management, and property activities.

SAMH Establishment and Evolution

Established in 2008, SAMH’s role expanded in 2012 to include investment, asset management, and property activities.

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This evolution positions SAMH as a critical player in Sharjah’s economic landscape.

Role of SAMH in Sharjah’s Development

SAMH is pivotal in realizing the “Sharjah 2020 Vision,” a long-term strategy addressing the emirate’s ongoing development. The vision outlines goals and objectives that broadly impact Sharjah’s domestic, federal, and international economic growth.

Sharjah 2020 Vision

The Sharjah 2020 Vision is a strategic roadmap guiding the emirate’s development. SAMH actively contributes to the vision’s implementation, aligning its activities with the outlined goals and objectives.

SAMH Investment Portfolio

Focused on stability and solid returns, SAMH’s investment portfolio is diversified across four core sectors: Banking, Oil and Gas, Transportation, and Industrial. This diversity ensures resilience and sustainable growth.

Core Target Sectors

SAMH strategically invests in critical sectors, fostering economic development in Banking, Oil and Gas, Transportation, and Industrial domains. This approach reflects SAMH’s commitment to shaping Sharjah’s economic landscape.

Managing Relationships within the GCC

In addition to managing inter-governmental relationships within Sharjah, SAMH is crucial in cultivating strategic ties with entities across GCC countries. This extends SAMH’s influence beyond the emirate, contributing to broader regional development.

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SAMH Careers Overview

Working at SAMH means being part of a dynamic and innovative organization actively contributing to Sharjah’s future. Regardless of the department—investment, real estate, technical, logistics, or administration—SAMH provides a professional home for individuals with diverse qualifications and backgrounds.

Employment Conditions

SAMH offers competitive employment conditions, emphasizing the joy of contributing to the organization’s goals. The company values creativity and dedication, making it an attractive workplace for many professionals.

SAMH Job Portal

Explore career opportunities at SAMH through the official job portal: SAMH Careers. The portal provides detailed information about available positions, allowing prospective candidates to find the right fit.

How to Apply for SAMH Careers

Applying for a career at SAMH is a straightforward process. Visit the official website’s career portal, read the details of the positions, fill out the application form, and submit your CV. The application process ensures a smooth experience for aspiring candidates.

Application Steps

  1. Visit the official Website career portal: SAMH Careers.
  2. Read all the details about the available positions.
  3. Fill out the application form, providing your Full Name, Email, and Mobile Number, and upload your CV in either PDF or MS Word format (maximum file size: 3 MB).
  4. Click on “Submit Your CV” to complete the application process.

SAMH Contact Information

For additional information or inquiries, contact SAMH via email at [email protected] or at (+971) 6597 2222.

SAMH Social Media Presence

Stay connected with SAMH through their social media channels:


In conclusion, Sharjah Asset Management Holding is a critical player in Sharjah’s economic development, actively contributing to realizing the Sharjah 2020 Vision. With a diversified investment portfolio and a commitment to fostering relationships within the GCC, SAMH offers promising career opportunities for individuals with varied skills and backgrounds.

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  1. How can I explore job opportunities at SAMH?
  2. What sectors does SAMH focus on in its investment portfolio?
    • SAMH’s investment portfolio spans the Banking, Oil and Gas, Transportation, and Industrial sectors.
  3. What is the application process for SAMH careers?
    • Fill out the application form on the official SAMH Careers portal, provide your details, and upload your CV.
  4. Can I contact SAMH for additional information?
  5. Is there a maximum file size for CV uploads during the application process?
    • Yes, the maximum file size for CV uploads is 3 MB.
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