FAB 2022 Jobs Vacancies at First Abu Dhabi Bank

The largest bank in UAE offers jobs. First Abu Dhabi bank provides career opportunities to individuals who want to be successful in the banking industry. FAB vacancies are some of the most sought-after bank jobs in the UAE. Check out the latest FAB vacancies and learn more about FAB careers. Apply now.

NameFirst Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB).
Job LocationUnited Arab Emirates
EducationEquivalent Degree/Diploma
SalaryAED 3500-8500 (Discuss during an interview)
BenefitsAccording to the UAE Labor Law
Last Updated:November 30, 2022

FAB Jobs FAB Careers Announces Job Vacancies In Abu Dhabi

First Abu Dhabi Bank:

2016 saw the First Gulf Bank (FGB) merger, and the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, (NBAD), to create the First Bank of Abu Dhabi.

FAB provides financial products, services, and solutions through two main sectors: Personal Banking and Corporate/Investment Banking.

The merger of two bank giants into one bank meant that all resources were pooled to offer customers the best banking experience.

The bank is present on five continents: Asia Pacific, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA), and Europe. This gives you global exposure and a great work culture. FAB headquarters is located in Abu Dhabi, at Khalifa park. FAB is regulated and supervised by the Central Bank of UAE, which is also one of the most secure financial institutions in the UAE.

First Abu Dhabi Bank Jobs – FAB Jobs

FAB jobs offer the best banking career options in UAE. FAB employees enjoy many benefits. FAB offers extensive training and development for those who desire to learn more.

You must be interested in the job opportunities in UAE banks. Investment Banker, Financial Analyst, Credit Analyst, Auditor, and Securities Agent are some of the most highly-paid banking positions at First Abu Dhabi Bank.

This page contains the most current and complete listing of First Abu Dhabi Bank vacancies. You must submit your application on the Bank career site. Each job has a link.

Apply for Banking Jobs at First Abu Dhabi Bank.

Sign up for First Abu Dhabi Bank Careers using the provided link. To complete your FAB job application online, fill out all details and upload your resume. For FAB Careers updates, you will need to check your email regularly.

List of Vacant Positions (Updated).

Associate Director- Global Markets Products (UAE National Only).Abu DhabiView and Apply
Specialized Service RecoveryAbu DhabiView and Apply
Senior Officer, Card Production & MaintenanceAbu DhabiView and Apply
VP- International Risk Control & GovernanceAbu DhabiView and Apply
Manager- Corporate Banking GroupAbu DhabiView and Apply
Manager- Merchant Acquiring & eCommerce SalesAbu DhabiView and Apply
Specialized- Securities Services (UAE National Only).Abu DhabiView and Apply
Mortgages – Head of Credit UnderwritingAbu DhabiView and Apply
Acquisition of AVP & Lead Credit CardsAbu DhabiView and Apply
Senior Officer- Merchant SettlementAbu DhabiView and Apply
Only for the UAE National Director, Global Markets SalesAbu DhabiView and Apply
Senior Officer- Ask HR (UAE Nationals only)Abu DhabiView and Apply
Manager- Merchant Acquiring & eCommerce SalesAbu DhabiView and Apply
Manager- Merchant Acquiring & eCommerce SalesAbu DhabiView and Apply
Director- Corporate Banking Group (UAE National Only).Abu DhabiView and Apply
Manager- Merchant Acquiring & eCommerce SalesAbu DhabiView and Apply
Specialist Settlement ServicesAbu DhabiView and Apply
UAE Nationals Only: Manager-Corporate EngagementsAbu DhabiView and Apply
AVP & Shariah Audit ManagerAbu DhabiView and Apply
VP, Compliance – International Global Markets & Group TreasuryAbu DhabiView and Apply
Director- Investment StrategyAbu DhabiView and Apply
Senior Leasing OfficerAbu Dhabi– View and Apply
Manager – Privilege Group (UAE Nationals Only).Abu DhabiView and Apply
S&D Channel Specialists – Control Audit & ROMAbu DhabiView and Apply
Manager-Contact CenterAbu DhabiView and Apply
Senior Officer in Business Administration- PMAbu DhabiView and Apply
Manager- Logistics Management ( UAE Nationals Only).Abu DhabiView and Apply
Specialized Logistics ManagementAbu DhabiView and Apply
AML Transaction Monitoring Specialist (UAE Nationals Only).Abu DhabiView and Apply
Principal Analyst-Tech Risk – EA Infra & Workplace ServicesAbu DhabiView and Apply
Director- ESG Sustainable FinanceAbu DhabiView and Apply
AVP & Lead- NPA – IB- CCB & Int’lAbu DhabiView and Apply
Director- Financial Institutions Asia (UAE National Only).Abu DhabiView and Apply


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