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Expo 2020 Coordinator – Department Definition

Expo Live is the innovation and partnership programme within Expo 2020. By harnessing the convening power of Expo 2020 it strives to fund, accelerate and promote creative solutions that have been aligned with Expo 2020 and have a lasting social benefit. Expo Live will appeal to and bring on board innovators from all walks of life and all stages of innovation; It is thereby a platform for inclusivity that will demonstrate that innovation can come from anywhere, to anyone. It will achieve these through a combination of grants, challenge prizes, and knowledge-sharing mechanisms.

Opportunity Responsibilities – Expo 2020 Coordinator

The Coordinator is a semi-back end (office) and semi-public facing (exhibit floor) role that requires an alignment between the team member and the identity, values and the message of the pavilion it represents (like a brand ambassador representative). Provide essential administrative and office support. Supervise the delivery of an exemplary visitor experience during Expo 2020 by the volunteers and will provide the critical back-office support that will enable the team to focus on the front of house operations.

The main responsibilities of the role include:

– Preparation work in anticipation of the upcoming Expo Live Pavilion activities (planned and unplanned) – ‘always ready’ mindset;

– Coordinate the needs of the Pavilion team (PAV), its stakeholders (IP Countries, Commercial partners, Protocol, media) and the Expo Live Programme needs (incl. Global Innovators coming on a visit to deliver segments) to ensure that both areas come along and for smooth delivery of the visitors’ experience;

– Meet, Brief, Prepare and attend the Expo Live Global Innovators for their respective sessions or attendance where needed. This is an engaging role that requires coordination and clear communication;

– Welcome, usher (if needed), assist and deliver an enjoyable and informative visit within The Expo Live Pavilion to organized and pre-booked visits and tours;

– Meet the Pavilion Manager/Supervisor upon shift start for the daily briefing and deployment and pick up any required equipment (if applicable);

– People and agenda coordination, updates and delivery. Making sure the I
checklist is completed, accesses (i.e. Badges) are in place and delivered in a timely manner to the right parties, agendas and itineraries communicated.

Skills – Expo 2020 Coordinator

2+ years relevant experience, as well as:

– A bachelor’s degree within a relevant field;

– Excellent data management and data entry skills, speed and accuracy;

– Ability to work to tight deadlines;

– Strong written and oral communication skills;

– Good organizational and planning skills;

– Good knowledge of computer systems such as SAP and project management systems.

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