Aramex Vacancies & Careers 2023: All Details to Apply Online

Aramex, a leading logistics company, is currently offering exciting job opportunities for individuals looking to build a successful career in the industry. With a strong presence in the global market, Aramex has established itself as a trusted brand known for its customized services and innovative solutions. This article will provide an overview of Aramex, its recruitment process for 2023, and the various job vacancies and career opportunities available.

Introduction to Aramex

Aramex is a renowned logistics company headquartered in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM). Over the years, Aramex has experienced significant growth and has become a global brand recognized for its excellence in providing tailored logistics solutions and innovative products. At the crossroads between East and West, Aramex strategically positions itself to efficiently serve businesses and consumers worldwide.

Aramex Recruitment Process

Aramex aims to attract talented individuals who are passionate about logistics and committed to delivering exceptional customer service. The recruitment process at Aramex is designed to identify candidates with the right skills, experience, and attitude to contribute to the company’s success. The process typically involves the following steps:

Step-1: Job Posting and Application

Aramex announces job vacancies through various channels, including its official website and online job portals. Interested candidates can access the list of available positions and submit their applications online.

Step-2: Resume Screening

After receiving applications, Aramex’s HR team conducts a thorough review of each candidate’s resume to shortlist potential candidates who meet the required qualifications.

Step-3: Interviews and Assessments

Shortlisted candidates are invited for interviews and assessments, which may include competency-based interviews, technical reviews, and psychometric tests. These evaluations help assess candidates’ skills, knowledge, and suitability for the available positions.

Step-4: Selection and Offer

Based on the interview performance and assessment results, Aramex selects the most suitable candidates for the job vacancies. Successful candidates receive formal offers of employment, outlining the terms and conditions of their employment with Aramex.

Job Vacancies at Aramex

Aramex offers a wide range of job vacancies across different departments. As of the latest update on June 26, 2023, there are 76 vacancies available in multiple locations, including Qatar, UAE, UK, Hong Kong, Jordan, Ireland, Egypt, Australia, Bahrain, and South Africa. These vacancies cover various roles and responsibilities, providing opportunities for candidates with diverse skill sets and qualifications.

Control Tower ExecutiveDubai, AECommercial
Assistant Board SecretaryDubai, AELegal, Audit, Risk & Compliance
Regional Learning and Development Manager – GCCDubai, AEHuman Resources
Head of FranchisingDubai, AELogistics, Supply Chain & Operations
Motion Designer/ VideographerDubai, AEMarketing
Customer Success SpecialistDubai, AEFreight

Some of the job positions available at Aramex include:

  • Operations Manager
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Warehouse Supervisor
  • Customs Clearance Specialist
  • Fleet Coordinator
  • Sales Executive
  • IT Support Engineer
  • Finance Manager
  • Human Resources Coordinator
  • And many more…

For a complete list of job vacancies at Aramex and detailed descriptions of each position, please visit their official website.

How to Apply

To apply for job vacancies at Aramex, interested candidates can visit the company’s official website ( where Aramex posts its openings. On the official website, candidates can find the “Careers” section, which provides information about available positions, requirements, and application procedures. Candidates must submit their resumes and fill out the online application form accurately and completely. It is essential to review the job requirements carefully and tailor the application to highlight relevant qualifications and experiences.

Aramex Official Website

For more information about Aramex, its services, and job vacancies, you can visit their official website at The website offers detailed insights into the company’s operations, achievements, and plans. Additionally, it provides a user-friendly interface to navigate through different sections, including careers, services, and contact information.


Aramex presents an exciting opportunity for individuals seeking a rewarding career in the logistics industry. With its global presence, innovative solutions, and commitment to customer satisfaction, Aramex continues to expand its workforce by offering various job vacancies and career prospects. By following the recruitment process and applying for suitable positions, aspiring candidates can become part of Aramex’s dynamic team and contribute to its continued success.


Q1: How do I apply for a job at Aramex?
To apply for a job at Aramex, visit their official website or online job portals where Aramex posts its openings. Review the available positions, requirements, and application procedures, and submit your resume and application form online.

Q2: What locations does Aramex have job vacancies in?
Aramex has job vacancies in multiple locations, including Qatar, UAE, UK, Hong Kong, Jordan, Ireland, Egypt, Australia, Bahrain, and South Africa. Check the official website or job portals for specific job locations.

Q3: What types of roles are available at Aramex?
Aramex offers a wide range of roles across different departments, including operations, customer service, supply chain, warehousing, sales, IT, finance, and human resources. Refer to the official website for a comprehensive list of available positions.

Q4: Does Aramex provide career development opportunities?
Yes, Aramex values employee growth and provides career development opportunities. The company offers training programs, mentoring, and opportunities to take on new responsibilities and challenges.

Q5: Where can I find more information about Aramex?
For more information about Aramex, its services, and job vacancies, visit their official website at

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