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Oracle Corporation is a powerhouse in computer technology, and its impact reverberates globally.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Oracle was the third-largest software company globally in 2020, both in revenue and market capitalization.

Oracle in the Middle East

Oracle’s influence extends to the Middle East, where the company engages in groundbreaking initiatives and projects. From technological advancements to strategic partnerships, Oracle plays a vital role in shaping the region’s future.

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Oracle in the UAE

In the heart of the Middle East, Oracle’s presence in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is noteworthy. The company contributes significantly to the dynamic tech landscape in the country, fostering innovation and progress.

Oracle in Dubai

Dubai, a city known for its technological ambitions, hosts Oracle in endeavors that redefine possibilities. Oracle’s activities in Dubai go beyond conventional norms, with special projects and collaborations driving innovation.

Oracle Careers: A Gateway to the Future

Oracle invites individuals to be part of its transformative journey, utilizing the technologies of tomorrow to address today’s real-world problems. The company’s work extends beyond business transformation, encompassing government protection, empowering non-profits, and providing tools for billions to outpace change.

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Job Opportunities with Oracle UAE

Oracle offers diverse job opportunities in the UAE, spanning various roles and functions. The company seeks individuals with specific skills and qualifications, providing a platform for professionals to contribute to Oracle’s vision.

How to Apply for Oracle UAE Job Vacancies:

  1. Visit Oracle UAE Careers.
  2. Browse through available jobs in the UAE.
  3. Choose a position aligned with your skills and interests.
  4. Read all details and requirements thoroughly.
  5. Follow the application process as outlined on the website.


Oracle’s Impact on Energy Efficiency

Oracle’s commitment to advancing energy efficiency is evident in its projects and technologies. The company actively engages in initiatives that contribute to a sustainable future, making significant strides in environmental responsibility.

Reimagining Online Commerce with Oracle

In the realm of e-commerce, Oracle stands as a catalyst for change. The company’s innovations and technologies redefine the online shopping experience, creating new possibilities for businesses and consumers alike.

Oracle’s Role in Government Projects

Oracle’s involvement in government projects in the UAE showcases its integral role in national initiatives. The company’s technological solutions contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of governmental endeavors.

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Powering Non-Profits

Beyond the corporate world, Oracle extends its support to non-profit organizations. Collaborations and projects with philanthropic goals underline Oracle’s commitment to positively impacting communities.

Tools for Billions: Oracle’s Global Impact

Oracle’s suite of tools and technologies has a global impact, empowering businesses and individuals worldwide. From small enterprises to large corporations, Oracle’s contributions resonate globally.

FAQs about Oracle UAE Careers

  1. What qualifications does Oracle seek in candidates?
    • Oracle looks for individuals with a strong background in [specific skills].
  2. Are there growth opportunities within Oracle?
    • Yes, Oracle provides a conducive environment for professional growth.
  3. What benefits does Oracle offer to its employees in the UAE?
    • Employee benefits include
    • How does Oracle contribute to sustainability in the UAE?
      • Oracle actively participates in initiatives promoting environmental sustainability.
    • Can recent graduates apply for Oracle positions?
      • Yes, Oracle welcomes applications from recent graduates.


    In conclusion, Oracle’s presence in the UAE goes beyond being a software giant; it catalyzes positive change. From influencing energy efficiency to reimagining commerce, Oracle’s impact is far-reaching. The invitation stands for individuals to join Oracle in creating a future that transcends boundaries.

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