ETA Engineering Career Guidance with Official Links to Apply for Job Vacancies in UAE

Finding the right career path in the competitive engineering world can be challenging. However, ETA Engineering Pvt. Ltd (EEPL) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers a promising opportunity for aspiring engineers. With a rich history dating back to 1994, EEPL is part of the esteemed ETA ASCON – STAR GROUP, a conglomerate that spans various industries.

This comprehensive guide will delve into ETA Engineering’s background, career opportunities, and the official links to apply for job vacancies in the UAE.


The History of ETA Engineering Pvt. Ltd

ETA Engineeirng Official Website Home Page

Established in 1994 in India, ETA Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has become a critical player in the engineering industry. The company began as part of the ETA ASCON – STAR GROUP, headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

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The ETA ASCON – STAR GROUP, initially formed as a partnership between AI Ghurair Group and Amana Investments Limited in 1973, transitioned into a corporate entity known as Emirates Trading Agency LLC in 1991. This conglomerate is involved in many sectors, including contracting, ship management, real estate development, and more. With a consolidated revenue exceeding USD 6 billion and a workforce of 76,000, the ETA Ascon Group is a formidable force in the business world.

ETA ASCON – STAR GROUP: A Diversified Empire

Business Activities of ETA Ascon Group

The ETA Ascon Group’s diversified portfolio encompasses many sectors, including manufacturing, energy conservation, healthcare, and retail. Notable partnerships with global giants like Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Titan Watch Company have solidified their reputation.

Key Partnerships and Collaborations

ETA Ascon Group’s collaboration with Mitsubishi Electrica and Fujitsu demonstrates its commitment to innovation and quality. These partnerships ensure ETA Engineering is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and solutions.

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Impressive Revenue and Workforce

With a staggering annual revenue exceeding USD 6 billion, the ETA Ascon Group boasts a vast workforce of 76,000 individuals, making it one of the largest employers in the region. This financial stability and extensive force ensure a promising future for ETA Engineering.

ETA Engineering Pvt. Ltd: Engineering Excellence

Expertise and Specializations

ETA Engineering is a versatile conglomerate, offering expertise in fields ranging from Civil Construction to Electro-Mechanical, Power Projects, and more. Their diverse skill set has left an indelible mark on the Emirates, evident in the numerous landmarks they’ve constructed.

The Role of ETA within the Al Ghurair Group

ETA Engineering Pvt. Ltd operates under the esteemed Al Ghurair Group, a leading business house in the UAE. This affiliation reflects ETA’s commitment to excellence and innovation, setting the bar high in the engineering sector.

Career at ETA Star Group

Employee-Centric Philosophy

ETA Engineering Pvt. Ltd values its employees as family. The organization fosters a work-life balance and offers various initiatives to motivate its team. These include official outings, family get-togethers, and maternity leaves.

Perks and Benefits

Employees enjoy various perks, including annual sports meets, free health and medical camps, and comprehensive medical insurance.

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ETA Engineering’s employee-friendly policies enhance the overall work experience.

How to Apply for ETA Engineering Careers

If you aspire to be part of a world-class organization in a multicultural environment, submit your resume to [email protected]. Stay updated on job opportunities by following ETA Engineering on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Official Links to Apply for Job Vacancies

ETA Engineering Website

For a comprehensive list of job vacancies and company information, visit the ETA Engineering website.

LinkedIn: Your Gateway to ETA Careers

Connect with ETA Engineering on LinkedIn to receive updates on job openings and industry news.

Twitter Updates

Follow @eta-engg on Twitter for featured jobs and the latest company updates.


Embrace a promising engineering career with ETA Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Their rich history, diverse expertise, and employee-centric culture make them an ideal choice for aspiring engineers. Join the ETA family today and embark on a journey of innovation and growth.

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  1. What is the history of ETA Engineering Pvt. Ltd?
    • ETA Engineering Pvt. Ltd was founded in India in 1994 as part of the ETA ASCON – STAR GROUP, a conglomerate based in Dubai, UAE.
  2. What industries does ETA ASCON – STAR GROUP operate in?
    • ETA ASCON – STAR GROUP is engaged in diverse business activities, including contracting, ship management, real estate development, healthcare, and more.
  3. How can I apply for a job at ETA Engineering?
    • To apply for a job at ETA Engineering, send your resume to [email protected] and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter for job updates.
  4. What benefits and perks does ETA offer its employees?
    • ETA Engineering provides various employee-friendly initiatives, including official outings, family get-togethers, maternity leaves, and medical insurance.
  5. What is the significance of ETA Engineering within the Al Ghurair Group?
    • ETA Engineering is a vital part of the Al Ghurair Group, one of the most respected business houses in the UAE, emphasizing excellence and innovation in the engineering sector.


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Join the ETA Engineering family and become part of a dynamic and innovative engineering legacy.

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