Dubai Government Job: Editor-Social Media and Websites

Dubai Government Job Description


The role holder is responsible for choosing, editing and proof-reading the appropriate content from different media sources (other departments as well as newspapers and other submissions) for the applicable online services and uploading it through content management systems to ensure appropriate online coverage of GDMO’s key stakeholders’ activities and matters related to the city of Dubai.

Responsible for guiding other editors on the appropriate positioning of GDMO’s key stakeholders in new media channels. Provides ideas for design communicates with other departments for technical issues and prepares special analytical reports. The role holder shall carry out his duties in accordance with the relevant business policies and procedures.

Job Category: Media
Advertiser: Dubai Government Media Office
Educational-level: Bachelor
Monthly Salary AED: 10001-20000
Schedule-Time: Full time
Job Posting: 11/10/2021
Unposting Date: 09/01/2022

Key Activities: 

General Responsibilities:

  • Participates in the development and implementation of the Media Services Department plans and budgets, in line with organizational objectives.
  • Acts upon the New Media Section mandates, ensuring effective/ providing leadership for and facilitating work processes in order to achieve high performance standards. 
  • Ensures compliance with organizational policies, procedures and quality standards in the New Media Section.

Social Media Content Management:

  • Edits the content of specific new media (online) services as well as websites of key stakeholders by editing and proofing the reading of Arabic News and sending the text for translation. Uploads the text, photos and videos with the right description as well as reviews local newspapers about articles related to the key stakeholders and uploads them to the website.
  • Receives and reposts news on on-going basis, doing basic editing of text and videos (format changes) for appropriate upload to online services. 
  • Edits content provided by the key stakeholders as well as uploads it to the web, adjust content detail and length to the type of new media channel used (shortens texts for social media).
  • Posts links to different sources to provide easy accessibility of reposted content across the different new media channels for GDMO’s key stakeholders, the city of Dubai as well as its institutions.
  • Works with static as well as dynamic content.
  • Edits and supervises proof-reading of content provided by the key stakeholders as well as uploads it to the web.
  • Coordinates live broadcasts of important events.
  • Modifies the static pages for the key stakeholders’ websites and prepares special analytical reports.
  • Reviews the guest book and updates the content.
  • Monitors online and broadcasting media and adjusts its content accordingly to the needs and monitors the comments appearing through new media channels. 
  • Coordinates the Mobile App by uploading the news, photos, and videos and constantly updates the App.
  • Manages the YouTube Channels of the key stakeholders by coordinating the processes of editing files and posting them, uploading the videos to the channel, titling, giving descriptions and tagging as well as by monitoring the comments on the videos.
  • Provides ideas for design and cross checking of content delivered.
  • Prepares special analytical reports about New Media activities.

Archiving and Content Selection  :

  • Provides archive materials to other departments related to special publications by GDMO.
  • Coordinates with the Library & Archive, Montage and Production sections to produce dedicated video materials for applicable online services.
  • Coordinates with the Photo Editing Section for selecting photos to upload to New Media Services.

Education and Qualification Required:

Bachelor’s degrees in Journalism, Communication, Multimedia or Media Studies or Visual Arts

Qualifications for Dubai Government Job:

Education and Qualification Required:

Bachelor’s degrees in Journalism, Communication, Multimedia or Media Studies or Visual Arts.


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