Sustainability Officer Job Vacancy in Dubai, UAE
Position title
Sustainability Officer

The business' Sustainability Officer is responsible to support it in complying with its sustainable development and climate change obligations. This includes initiating, managing and supporting engagement activities, sharing good practices, and reporting on progress and achievements against objectives.



Responsibilities include but are not limited to:






  • Share examples of best practices in sustainability with MAFL staff members and other stakeholders.
  • All data related to the MAFL Net Zero target must be collected and communicated promptly
  • Communicate with other organizations to understand the current market trends in sustainability best practices and to communicate via campaigns and events to influence local policies and practices.
  • In order to sustain sustainable performance, the Director of Excellence and Compliance must research, develop, and distribute standard policies, strategies, and performance metrics.
  • Coordinate and manage the Sustainable Plan "Dare Today, Change Tomorrow" in order to design and deliver the annual work plan with other Opcos in order to reach objectives.
  • Assume any other duties as may be reasonably requested by the Director of Excellence and Compliance
  • Help MAFL develop and implement ambitious strategies, policies and action plan to support sustainable development, such as climate action; circular economy; nature recuperation; responsible procurement; equality diversity and inclusion.
  • An annual survey can be used to assess satisfaction and help you adjust your engagement strategies.
  • Regular progress reports should be prepared on the sustainability tasks and project completion
  • Research for new initiatives to develop business cases


  • Ensure that all employees are aware of and comply with Company Health & Safety Policies.
  • Assist with the implementation of education and training programs that are relevant to sustainability.
  • To strengthen and coordinate the delivery of the sustainability roadmap, it is important to establish and maintain strong relationships with all departments and stakeholders (government, public bodies and academic institutions, businesses and NGOs).
  • Advocate and ambassador for aligning and cascading MAFL values, and ensuring their adherence.





  • Budget Management
  • Innovative ideas
  • Satisfaction of employees
  • Projects execution

Technical / Functional Competencies


  • Detail orientation
  • Reporting skills
  • Management of projects
  • System savvy
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Creativity


Behavioral Competencies


  • Leads The Way – Is able to prioritize work based on urgency and impact. Communicates clearly and effectively objectives. To ensure that objectives are delivered on time, he/she can reach out to his/her colleagues. Positive energy is created by taking initiative. Passionate about new challenges.
  • Delivers Impact - Can identify the key information needed to deliver work. Identifies risk areas within the role. When things are critical, understand. Adopts responsibility and escalates when necessary.
  • Thinks Customer- Actively listens to and displays understanding of customer's expectations. Also, understands the steps required to meet those expectations. Customer satisfaction is achieved by delivering value and quality. Understands "customer first" mindset.
  • Thinks Group: Understands where and how your role/work fits within the company. Demonstrates the ability and willingness to work with others. Attaining targets. Effective communication with colleagues. Listens carefully. Collaboration is encouraged.
  • Creates Talent- Suggests ways to improve efficiency. Spends time improving and learning. Receives feedback regularly. Responds honestly to difficult questions, and provides relevant feedback when needed.
  • Encourages Innovation- Will not be afraid to share new ideas. Takes inspiration from best practices and is curious. Shows creativity in daily work.





  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent in environmental science, sustainability, or a similar field



  • Experience of 3-5 years in a sustainability role
  • Experience in the retail industry is preferred
Job Location
Dubai, Dubai, Dubai, 00000, UAE
Employment Type
Base Salary
AED3500-AED8500 Per month
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Position: Sustainability Officer

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