Housekeeping Attendant Job Vacancy in Marriott Dubai
Position title
Housekeeping Attendant

Cleaning and maintaining assigned areas according to Housekeeping Supervisor's requirements. While the primary area of responsibility is for cleaning rooms and public spaces, other areas will also be cleaned to maintain the same standards as those designated.


  • JW Marriott Marquis Dubai is looking for a Full-Time position.
  • Number of Direct Reports: 0
  • Titles of Direct Reports-N/A



  • A minimum of 12 months experience in a similar job with excellent interpersonal skills and a high level of physical fitness.

Skills and Knowledge

  • Strong communication skills (verbal and listening),
  • Innovative
  • Reliable and Pro-active
  • able to work independently and in a group

Education and Certification

  • A high level of English required


These are the responsibilities and contributions that are essential to the success of this position:

  • Reports to the Housekeeping office in uniform with the clock in.
  • Collects floor or Public area master keys from the Loss prevention office. Signs for them and collects daily room reports from Housekeeping. You must ensure that the key does not get handed to anyone.
  • Notify the HK Office Coordinator/Shift leader of any lost or found items. Follow the LSOP in place
  • Notify your Shift leader/Office Coordinator of any broken or lost items
  • Report guest and associate complaints to your Shift leader.
  • After cleaning is complete, go to the Housekeeping office to sign off the shift.

Cleaning Guest Rooms:

  • It is not allowed to make excessive noise in guest rooms as it could disturb guests. You must do this at all times of the day and night.
  • Priority will be given to arrivals and checkouts when the rooms are being prepared. Only guest requests can be used to determine priority for occupied rooms.
  • Before entering an occupied space, check for DNDs. Notify your Shift leader/Office Coordinator of any room disarrays, extra departures, or extended stays. (The Shift leader/Office coordinator will also notify you if there are changes).
  • You will need to knock three times and say "Housekeeping" before you can enter the guest room.
  • You can replace guest amenities and supplies such as towels, toiletries, glasses and mugs in your rooms.
  • Use clean linens to replace dirty sheets (e.g. pillow cases, pillows) and terry (e.g. towels, bathrobes), following the correct bed-making and folding guidelines.
  • Bathrooms should be clean, with a bathtub/hot tub/shower and a toilet.
  • Take out the trash, dirty sheets, and other items that could be used as room service from your balcony/patio.
  • Verify that all appliances in the room are working properly.
  • Straighten desk items, e.g. Straighten desk items, e.g., magazines, furniture, or appliances, and return them to their original positions.
  • Polish, dust, and remove any marks on walls or furnishings (e.g. appliances, furniture, honor bars, baseboards and ledges; entrance doors).
  • Vacuum carpets, performs floor care duties (e.g. in guest rooms or hallways).
  • Cleaning of the day will be done.
  • Report any problems with electronics, lighting, plumbing, telephones, etc. You can also use Guestware/IVR to report any faulty electronics, plumbing, or telephone to the maintenance department/Housekeeping Shift leader.
  • You can change the room status as needed, e.g. can change the room status to occupied clean, vacant pick-up etc.
  • Once the section is complete, the carts & HK pantry will be arranged
  • To offer a Turn down (Nightly refresh) service in accordance with the JW Marriott Marquis standard.


Cleaning Public Areas:


  • Make sure to clean the public and employee bathrooms and showers.
  • Clear glass in public areas and workplaces by cleaning off dust, spots and smears.
  • Use designated chemicals, supplies and equipment to clean floors in public spaces or employees' areas (e.g., mop, buffers vacuums, wet vacuums extractors shampoo machines, stain removers),
  • Dust surfaces within the assigned area include furniture, fixtures and woodwork.
  • Place empty trash cans, ashtrays and ash urns outside public areas in proper containers for recycling or disposal.
  • You should inspect the furniture for any tears, rips, or stains. Report them to your supervisor/manager.
  • Wipe out light fixtures and lamps to clean and maintain them. Report any burnt bulbs.
  • As directed by the supervisor, clean the property using the proper equipment and materials to maintain a high standard of hygiene and appearance. Follow the established procedures.
  • Perform routine cleaning within the designated timeframe, in compliance with the established procedures.
  • You must ensure that cleaning equipment is regularly cleaned, in good working order, and returned to its original place so it can be easily accessed for the next shift.
  • Make sure that all cleaning tools are maintained in good condition. in good condition. To avoid delays in the next shift, return them to their original locations.
  • If you require additional maintenance, cleaning, or repairs, inform the Shift leader.
  • To help preserve the property's reputation, report any valuables or items found on it.


Safety and Security

  • Notify the manager or shift leader immediately of any work-related accidents or injuries.
  • To ensure a safe and secure environment, follow safety and security procedures for your company or department.
  • Notify Loss Prevention/Security about guest reports of theft

Procedures and Policies

  • Follow all company, hotel, and department policies.
  • Follow Marriott International Hotels Limited Regional Office policies & procedures
  • You must ensure the security and privacy of your guests and coworkers.
  • Protect confidential information and proprietary materials.
  • Personal appearance, uniforms, and nametags must be clean, neat, professional, and in accordance with company policies.
  • Follow company policies and procedures to protect company equipment, machines, and other assets.
  • Other reasonable job duties, as required by Supervisors and Management
  • You will work as many hours as you need to complete your job, but not less than 48 hours per semaine.

Guest Relations

  • To resolve problems, delight and build trust, actively listen to and respond to guests' questions, concerns and requests.
  • Assist other employees in ensuring proper guest service and coverage.
  • You can anticipate your guests' service needs by asking them questions to gain a better understanding of their needs. Also, you can watch/listen to guests preferences and take action whenever they are.
  • Service guests in a positive, professional, and timely manner.
  • Engage guests in conversation regarding their stay, property services, and area attractions/offerings.
  • Show appreciation to your guests and say goodbye with a heartfelt farewell.
  • With a smile, eye contact and friendly greetings, you will be able to welcome and acknowledge all guests.
  • Provide directions and information to residents and guests about property amenities, services, hours of operation, local areas of interest, and other activities.


  • Use appropriate etiquette to answer telephones. This includes answering within three rings, smiling in one's face, using one's name, using your voice to answer, and using your name to transfer calls to the appropriate person/department.
  • Use clear, professional language when speaking to guests or co-workers.
  • To effectively exchange information, talk with and listen to employees.
  • Participate in departmental meetings or training sessions

Working With Others

  • Be there for your coworkers and treat them with respect and dignity.
  • With tact, respect and diplomacy, handle sensitive issues with guests and employees with confidentiality. Maintain productive and positive working relationships with employees from other departments.
  • To foster a culture of cooperation and to achieve common goals, it is important that you partner with others.

Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement

  • Conform to quality assurance standards and expectations, e.g. GuestVoice Brand Standard Audit.

Physical Tasks

  • Use computers and point-of-sale systems to enter and locate information about work.
  • For a prolonged period of time, stand, sit or walk, or for the entire work day.
  • Information in various formats can be read and visually verified (e.g. small print).
  • Without assistance, move, lift, transport, push, pull, or place objects less than 10 pounds.
Job Location
Dubai, Dubai, Dubai, 00000, UAE
Employment Type
Base Salary
AED3500-AED8500 Per month
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Position: Housekeeping Attendant

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