Digital Marketing Coordinator Job Vacany in Emirates Nature-WWF Dubai
Position title
Digital Marketing Coordinator

The Marketing and Digital Coordinator will assist in the delivery of digital marketing activities to the B2B, C2C and B2G audiences at Emirates Nature-WWF.

The Digital Marketing Senior Manager and the Marketing Officer will report to this role holder. They will help in the identification, implementation, and monitoring of the marketing strategy.

This role will support the marketing team in all aspects of communications, including planning, creation, roll-out, and monitoring global campaigns//projects.

The role holder will communicate with partners and stakeholders.

The role holder will assist in the planning and coordination of ideate sessions and events and may be required to travel on the field when necessary.

Social media skills are essential for the role holder. They will be expected to support the team with planning, updating, and building new monthly calendars, as well as drafting captions.

The role holder must be able to use Hubspot, support the Senior Digital Marketing Manager in uploading content to the software, and monitor the analytics.

Principal Duties and key responsibilities

  • Assist in the creation and delivery of all marketing collaterals related to the company's products. Ensure that they are effective with value-based messaging, on-brand communications and impactful.
  • Assistance with planning campaigns throughout the year, including ideas and strategizing. Assistance in the implementation of campaigns.
  • Assist in the execution of all marketing activities including PR and events. Working with external resources and team members.
  • With guidance from the team, help build Emirates Nature-WWF Brand Equity in the business and internal audiences.
  • Together with the marketing team, focus and plan on the right audience to ensure audience centricity. This includes identifying key segments of the business audience (to be defined) and continuing to refine the segmentation and target audience through marketing and engagement activities.
  • Assist in creating messaging, driving and managing social media content. Create and update editorial content calendars (social media savvy person required). Help with planning and drafting newsletters, mailers and ad campaigns. Edit reports.
  • Assist in covering ENWWF's outreach products, activities, and activities on the field, as well as external appearances by ENWWF management, experts, etc. As needed
  • Active management of ENWF's assets, such as images, videos and internal and externe documentation, is possible. Google Drive and Box
  • Active content creation and management support for all ENWWF websites and microsites
  • Assisting relevant organizational teams in acquiring content from outside sources, such as members, thought leaders and volunteers, partners, etc. Support in the creation, management and delivery of periodic content on EN-WWF’s blog and podcast.
  • Assistance in coordination with agencies and external suppliers. Providing information. Facilitating contract finalization. Coordinating payments.
  • Assistance with Partner Management in Marketing & Engagement.
  • Maintain an up-to-date suppliers/freelancers' lists, with notes on performance and tips.
  • Create a network with content creators, influencers and other partners to help you create, deliver, and promote content.
  • HubSpot can be used to digitize emails and update lead database on HubSpot. This will ensure that HubSpot is being effectively utilized.
  • Assist with the coordination of marketing and engagement monitoring. Report back to the team for strategic planning.
  • From the weekly communications meetings, manage and execute the editorial and content calendars. Assure that all invoices for the marketing and engagement team are processed promptly.


  • Assisting team with managing multiple resources, suppliers and partners.
  • Assists in information flow and smooth operation within the team.

Requirements Qualifications

  • Minimum of 1-year experience as a Marketer
  • Master's Degree in Marketing Relevant Field
  • Arabic proficiency is an advantage, both in written and conversational English.
  • Ability to work in multicultural settings with high levels of cultural awareness and cultural sensitivity
  • Experience or knowledge in the non-profit sector is preferred, especially with environmental non-governmental organizations.


Emirates Nature–WWF Focus: Acts as a member to Emirates Nature–WWF, putting higher priority on Emirates Nature–WWF goals than their own goals, anticipating the effects on other areas and ensuring holistic Emirates Nature–WWF outcomes.

External orientation:Looks outside to ensure WWF remains relevant and continues to adapt to global and external trends.

Delivering Quality Results: Establishes stretch targets, and plans, and uses the best judgment. Responsible for planning and delivering the outcomes.

Building Working Relationships Builds collaboration relationships by understanding and developing other ideas and theirs.

Effective Communication: Uses appropriate communication methods to communicate messages, solicit input from others, and ensure understanding.

Leads Teams: Creates direction and a shared purpose, and builds a team through coaching. This will ensure that the team achieves high-level goals.

Leading Change Encourages and seeks innovative solutions, and takes people on a journey that is constructively and empathic.

Managing Resources Makes informed decisions based on resource and financial availability.

Establishing Strategic Direction Creates options for long-term goals, selects successful strategies and delivers on these goals.

Building Organizational Capability.Diagnose individual and team capabilities and develop needs. Promotes talent management.

Skills required

  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office
  • Flexible, adaptable, and able to prioritize between competing demands
  • Attention to detail
  • Creativity is a mindset
  • You have strong interpersonal skills and a collaborative mindset
  • Social Media Savvy

Work Relationships

Internal –Works withal Departments within the Organisation

External –Works in partnership with external stakeholders like media, ministries, and others



Impact Driven

  • Focused and results-oriented
  • We are passionate about finding innovative solutions to the world's most difficult problems
  • Utilizes science-based approaches and applies logic, facts and professional knowledge to make an impact.
  • Demonstrates focus and determination, efficiency, accountability, and accountability
  • High-quality work consistently delivered


  • Communicates openly, constructively, ethically and in a positive manner. Sensitivity to other cultures and peoples
  • Respects and treats others with fairness, creating an atmosphere of trust
  • Consistent, honest, and transparent in all that one does and speaks
  • Demonstrates self-awareness and manages emotions. Also, is aware of the effects of one's behavior on others.
  • Demonstrates professionalism, and holds high regard for the organization's reputation
  • We live up to the standards and principles we expect others to follow, and hold one another accountable

We Are Stronger Together

  • Empathy, listening, asking questions, and showing consideration for others.
  • You are approachable, can empower others, and foster trust and mutual respect.
  • We are optimistic, positive, and light-hearted. Together we celebrate success
  • Recognizes the contribution of each person to the overall impact of the organization
  • Acceptance of diversity and inclusion
  • One voice, one mission, one shared value and one common goal: speaking with one voice
  • To build strong and aligned networks with government and other organizations.


  • Demonstrates persistence and commitment to the Mission and Vision of organization
  • Accomplish your tasks with confidence and strength
  • Encourages action and takes measured risks
  • Encourages optimism and hope


  • Keeps abreast of trends and external developments, and adapts accordingly
  • Continuous learning and development are your goals.
  • Open-mindedness and creativity are key.
  • Be flexible and open to other views and changes, but remain calm and confident in the face of change
  • Accept feedback

Additional Information

Emirates Nature-WWF welcomes all employees. We are open to diversity and offer flexible, diverse employment opportunities.

Emirates Nature-WWF staff are fully involved in all activities and events.

How to Apply

Your application must include a cover letter explaining why you are the best candidate for EN-WWF and your CV. Please email your application to Ms. Magdalena Tayoun at [email protected] by December 30th, 2022.

Emirates Nature reserves all rights to appoint candidates prior to this date.

Job Location
Dubai, Dubai, Dubai, 00000, UAE
Employment Type
Base Salary
AED3500-AED8500 Per month
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Position: Digital Marketing Coordinator

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