Software Tester Job Vacancy

Brief description :

Software Tester Job Vacancy-We are looking for an experienced Software Tester to be part of our engineering team and help them in their projects to identify mistakes and reduce the bugs in the software applications.

Job responsibility includes,

  • Responsible for review code written by developers, execute code-level testing and functional testing of the software applications
  • Execute all levels of testing (system, integration, and regression)
  • Design and develop testing scripts whenever needed
  • Review and analyze the specifications of the software applications
  • Read, review, understand, evaluate code files for unit testing
  • Prepare test plans, execute test plans and record the bugs, glitches, and other flaws in detail
  • Troubleshoot and provide support to developers to fix those bugs

Preferred skills:

  • Software Tester Job Vacancy-Relevant experience of 3+ in the field of Code-level testing
  • Critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail
  • Good understanding and knowledge of coding standards and design patterns in technology
  • Ability to encounter technical issues or project management issues and preparing written documentation analyzing the details
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Applicants, please send the resume to the email address ‘[email protected]’ with the subject line Software Tester.

Closing on:


Contact email:

[email protected]

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