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Brief description :

Lead Data Scientist-Job Vacancy Tec vantage is a product engineering company that builds first-of-its-kind AI-centric products is looking for a Lead Data Scientist to be a part of product development of AI powered software.

The work location is remote, and the ideal candidate should be willing to travel to client sites outside India after the pandemic period.

What are we looking for in the ideal candidate?

  • You need to be a thinker. We are looking for a very curious Lead data scientist who enjoys a deep dive into the raw data to help figure out the right set of questions and find the answers to those questions.
  • You need to be a doer. You will be responsible for data cleansing, transformation, and creating predictive models and classifiers.
  • You need to be ambitious. You must be passionate about applying mathematical modeling to solve real-world problems.
  • You need to be smart and build smart products. A big part of this job is about creating actionable insights for our customers and the business using machine learning and statistical techniques. Translate analytic insights into concrete, actionable recommendations for business or product improvement.
  • Design and build Machine Learning, Deep Learning and NLP, infrastructure, models, and applications to generate scalable and high-performance Prediction, Evaluation, Recommendation, anomaly detection, bots, sentiment insights, and ontologies from structured/unstructured Big Data and domain rules.
  • Lead Data Scientist-Job Vacancy Determine the best AI technique for a particular customer problem in any industry domain and apply, learn, and adapt.

Limited front row seats are available. If you fit the description, do not hesitate to apply. This is the job for you! – See you soon at Tec vantage! For more information about us, please visit www.techvantagesystems.com.

Preferred skills:

A big part of this job is about creating actionable insights for our customers and the business using machine learning and statistical techniques.

Minimum 4+ years’ experience in building models with Computer Vision, NLP, etc.
Should be strong in Probability, Statistics, Optimization, Calculus, General Math
Experience with some or all of the following: data mining, predictive modeling, statistics, experimental design, computational analytics, econometric modeling, data visualization
Hands-on experience in feature engineering and building scalable machine learning algorithms
Prior experience in handling large volumes of unstructured data with high diversity
Excellent client management skills
B. Tech /MS/ M. Tech or PhD in Computer Science, Machine Learning, AI, or related field
Prior experience with start-up environment preferred is a plus.

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Contact email:

[email protected]

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