Job Opportunity for System Admin

System Admin role at Kudroli is responsible but not limited to the smooth, timely configuration and maintenance of organisation’s computer systems, servers and software ecosystems. The role usually sits within the IT department but also works closely with a number of teams throughout the business to ensure unified performance and operation.

The role requires you to handle the following responsibilities:

  • Management of Enterprise Infrastructures and Systems
  • Understanding enterprise monitoring e.g. alerts and incidents
  • OS Diagnostics to understand issues like network communications, disk space, systems security
  • Installation and configuring the software and hardware
  • Monitor performance and maintain systems according to requirements
  • Ensure security through access controls, backups and firewalls
  • Asset management and perform internal audits periodically.
  • Set up email accounts and workstations
  • Manage Servers/ Domains/ Active Directory/File servers
  • Office 365 user administration, and Azure cloud application servers. Business Application infrastructure support for SharePoint, web applications.
  • Active directory object management (i.e. User, computer, groups) and GPO’s in Windows 2012 server
  • Technical services and support at the network level: WAN and LAN connectivity, routers, access points, switches and firewalls
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to hardware such as printer, projector, application systems and network infrastructure reported to the Service Desk.
  • Develop expertise to train staff on new technologies. Documenting any processes which employees need to follow in order to successfully work within our computing systems
  • Enable faster and smarter business processes and implement analytics for meaningful insights
  • Nurture dependable IT infrastructure and networking that’s always up and running
  • Make recommendations for future upgrades
  • Troubleshoot problems reported by users and analyze and isolate issues
  • Perform routine/scheduled audits of the systems, including all backups
  • Ensuring data is stored securely and backed up regularly
  • Providing technical support when requested

Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications

  • A Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Computer Science.
  • Prior experience of 2 year in the same field.
  • Knowledge of Linux/Windows/MacOS (Installation, troubleshooting)
  • Competent computer skills (Microsoft Office 365, Windows Server 2012/2016,,
  • Outlook, excel ,word, Power point, ERP system, WordPress)
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Good attention to detail
  • Well organized

Apply for System Admin Job Vacancy: Send Resume:

Technet Solutions <[email protected]>

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