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Explore exciting career opportunities at Sukoon Insurance – Apply now through our user-friendly online portal. Join a dynamic work culture in Dubai, UAE, and become part of a learning organization committed to personal and professional growth. Your path to a fulfilling career starts here! #SukoonInsurance #CareerOpportunities #DubaiJobs

Sukoon Insurance, previously known as Oman Insurance Company, is a composite insurance company based in Dubai, UAE, offering insurance services to individuals and businesses in the UAE and Oman.

Introduction to Sukoon Insurance Company

Sukoon Insurance, with its headquarters in Dubai, operates as a composite insurance company catering to the insurance needs of individuals and businesses in the UAE and Oman. The company, previously known as Oman Insurance Company, has evolved over the years and established itself as a prominent player in the insurance market.

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Life at Sukoon: Work Culture

At Sukoon, employees experience a dynamic, diverse, and exciting work culture. The company strongly emphasizes values such as empowerment, communication, transparency, and employee engagement. The work environment at Sukoon is designed to encourage collaboration and meet daily challenges with enthusiasm.

Organizational Purpose and Values

The core purpose of Sukoon is to enable people and organizations through its services. The company acknowledges its imperfections and embraces continuous learning, making it a proud learning organization. The Sukoon Academy is a testament to this mindset, fostering a culture of growth and development.

Sukoon Academy: Learning Organization

Sukoon prides itself on being a learning organization, and the Sukoon Academy plays a crucial role. The academy is integrated into daily operations, contributing to the company’s overall growth. Employees benefit from continuous learning opportunities, making Sukoon a place where personal and professional development is highly valued.

Past Experience and Learning

Participants in Sukoon’s programs are encouraged to leverage their past experiences and learn from mistakes. The Sukoon Academy is supported by a qualified panel of Subject Matter Experts and trainers, providing knowledge, practical market exposure, and valuable insights to enhance the learning atmosphere.

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Incredible Impact: Certification Achievements

One of Sukoon Academy’s remarkable achievements is certifying over 100 individuals from CII (UK). This accomplishment sets Sukoon apart in the competitive insurance market, showcasing its commitment to excellence in training and development.

Problem-Centered Approach of Sukoon Academy

The Sukoon Academy extends its support to various aspects of employee development, including recruitment, promotion, and career progression. The academy conducts psychometric assessments, including CTPI-R, Emotional Quotient, Sales Profiling, Customer Service, and proficiency in commonly used Microsoft Applications.

Job TitleLocationEmployment Status
HeadAEFull Time
ExecutiveAEFull Time
Specialist/ManagerAbu Dhabi , AEFull Time
ExecutiveAEFull Time
ExecutiveAEFull Time
AssociateAEFull Time
AssociateAEFull Time
Lead/Executive ManagerAEFull Time
AssociateMuscat,OmanFull Time
ExecutiveAEFull Time

How to Apply

The application process is straightforward if you’re intrigued by the prospect of a career at Sukoon. Visit the official Sukoon Career Portal, browse the available jobs, choose one that aligns with your interests, and follow the online application procedure.

How to Apply at Sukoon Insurance: Quick Guide

  1. Visit Career Portal: Go to
  2. Explore Jobs: Browse available positions and select one that suits your skills.
  3. Review Job Details: Read the job requirements and responsibilities carefully.
  4. Prepare Documents: Gather your resume, cover letter, and relevant certificates.
  5. Click ‘Apply Online’: Find the button on the job page and start the online application.
  6. Complete Application Form: Fill in accurate details about your education, experience, and skills.
  7. Attach Resume/Cover Letter: Upload your prepared resume and cover letter.
  8. Review and Submit: Double-check your information, then submit your application.
  9. Confirmation: Look for a confirmation email acknowledging receipt.
  10. Wait for Feedback: Allow time for Sukoon to review your application.
  11. Prepare for Next Steps: If shortlisted, be ready for interviews or assessments.
  12. Follow-Up: Send a polite follow-up if you haven’t heard back after a reasonable time.
  13. Stay Informed: Check your email regularly for updates from Sukoon Insurance.

References to Sukoon Insurance Company

For more information about Sukoon Insurance Company, you can refer to the following sources:

Why Choose Sukoon for Your Career?

Sukoon offers inclusivity, incredible career prospects, a team of fun colleagues, and many challenges. Joining Sukoon means becoming part of a community that values diversity and provides exciting opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Sukoon’s Impact on the Insurance Market

Sukoon has significantly impacted the insurance market, contributing to its growth and innovation. The company’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement has set new standards in the industry. Explore testimonials and success stories to understand the real impact Sukoon has had.

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Employee Testimonials

Hear from Sukoon employees about their experiences—real stories of personal and professional growth, challenges overcome, and the support received at Sukoon. Discover how working at Sukoon has positively influenced the lives and careers of its employees.

Sukoon’s Social Media Presence

Stay updated with Sukoon’s latest happenings, events, and community involvement through its active presence on LinkedIn and Facebook. Engage with the Sukoon community, participate in discussions, and get a glimpse into the vibrant culture within the company.

Continuous Learning Opportunities at Sukoon

Explore the ongoing training programs and workshops offered by Sukoon. The company is dedicated to the continuous development of its employees, providing them with opportunities to enhance their skills and stay ahead in the dynamic insurance industry.

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In conclusion, Sukoon Insurance Company, with its rich history and commitment to growth and development, offers a unique and rewarding experience for individuals seeking a career in the insurance sector. The inclusive work culture, incredible prospects, and continuous learning opportunities make Sukoon a standout choice for those aspiring to thrive in the dynamic insurance world.

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