Khansaheb Careers in UAE | Latest Job Openings and Guide for Candidates

Unlock exciting career opportunities with Khansaheb in the UAE! Explore the latest job openings, discover the tailored Khansaheb Graduate Program, and build your future with a leading construction and facilities management company. Join us on a journey of innovation, sustainability, and impactful contributions to the UAE’s development. Apply now!

In the heart of the United Arab Emirates, Khansaheb stands tall as a leading construction and facilities management company, representing the epitome of excellence in the industry.

This article delves into the career opportunities that Khansaheb offers, shedding light on the latest job openings and providing valuable insights for potential candidates.

Overview of Khansaheb

Khansaheb boasts a rich history as the longest-standing contractor in the UAE. From the inception of a project through its entire lifecycle, Khansaheb provides sustainable solutions, contributing significantly to the nation’s development. The company takes pride in delivering some of the most iconic and crucial projects that shape the landscape of the UAE.

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Contributions to UAE’s Development

The narrative of Khansaheb intertwines with the growth story of the UAE. By creating, constructing, and maintaining physical assets vital to society, Khansaheb has played a pivotal role in the nation’s progress. The article explores the impact of Khansaheb’s projects on the country’s development and the sense of accomplishment associated with being part of such transformative initiatives.

Building Careers at Khansaheb

Khansaheb as a Workplace

For those seeking a career with Khansaheb, the journey promises a job and a fulfilling experience. As a successful construction business, Khansaheb values innovation and prides itself on being a great workplace. The article delves into the unique aspects of Khansaheb’s workplace, emphasizing the significance of relationships forged with clients and colleagues in driving the company’s success.

Core Values and Culture

Its values and culture show Khansaheb’s commitment to a sustainable future. The article explores how these values shape the work environment and contribute to positive change, encouraging prospective employees to become part of a business where skills and passion align with a greater purpose.

Khansaheb Official Website
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The Khansaheb Graduate Program

Target Audience

For individuals working towards a construction-related degree or recent graduates, Khansaheb offers a tailored opportunity through its Graduate Program. The article provides insights into the program’s target audience, highlighting the challenges and rewards that await those who embark on this four-year journey.

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Four Cornerstones of the Program

The Khansaheb Graduate Program unfolds across four cornerstones, each designed to provide essential experience in the construction industry while meeting the business’s needs. The article details these cornerstones, offering a glimpse into the comprehensive training program that sets the stage for a successful career in construction.

How to Apply

Current Job Opportunities

Aspiring candidates keen on joining Khansaheb are guided on the application process. The article navigates the job opportunities within Khansaheb Civil Engineering and Khansaheb Facilities Management, ensuring potential applicants are well-informed about the available roles.

Submission of CV

The application process is simplified by submitting CVs to the provided email address: [email protected]. The article outlines the steps for interested candidates, making the application procedure clear and accessible.

Khansaheb Contact Number?

+971 (0)4 605 7200

Khansaheb Company Whatsapp Number?


Khansaheb Owner?

Amer Abdulaziz Khansaheb

Khansaheb Owner Nationality?

United Arab Emirates

Fraudulent Recruitment Offers | Khansaheb Careers

Awareness of Fake Job Offers

To protect potential candidates, the article addresses the issue of fraudulent job offers circulating in Khansaheb’s name. It educates readers on the red flags associated with fake offers and emphasizes the importance of relying on official communication channels.

Khansaheb’s Official Communication Channels

The legitimacy of job offers is reaffirmed by highlighting Khansaheb’s official communication channels. The article urges candidates to verify communication, emphasizing that legitimate offers will always come directly from the company and not through third parties.



In conclusion, Khansaheb not only constructs physical structures but also builds careers. The article captures the essence of working with Khansaheb, from the pride in contributing to the UAE’s development to the tailored opportunities for graduates. Aspiring individuals are encouraged to explore the possibilities and be part of a company that values innovation, sustainability, and positive change.

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  1. Are there any specific qualifications required to apply for the Khansaheb Graduate Program?
    There are specific qualifications related to construction degrees. However, detailed information can be found on Khansaheb’s official website.
  2. How often does Khansaheb update its job openings?
    Job openings are regularly updated on the official website. It is recommended to check the website for the latest opportunities.
  3. Can I apply for multiple job positions simultaneously?
    Yes, candidates can apply for multiple positions if they meet the qualifications for each role.
  4. What is the duration of the Khansaheb Graduate Program?
    The program spans four years, encompassing four cornerstones to provide a comprehensive experience.
  5. How can I report fraudulent job offers claiming to be from Khansaheb?
    Any suspicious offers should be reported directly to Khansaheb through their official communication channels.
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