Arabian Construction Company (ACC) Careers | Latest Job Vacancies in UAE – Email to Apply

Unlock your future with Arabian Construction Company (ACC) Careers! Explore the latest job vacancies in the UAE and be part of a leading construction firm. Join our team of 26,000 professionals shaping skylines and building iconic projects. Apply now for exciting opportunities at ACC.

Arabian Construction Company (ACC) Careers | Unlocking Opportunities in UAE

Introduction: Shaping Skylines for Half a Century

Arabian Construction Company (ACC) stands as a stalwart in the construction industry of the MENA region, boasting a remarkable portfolio that showcases some of the most iconic structures in the Middle East and India.

With 50 years of expertise, ACC has been instrumental in shaping city skylines, establishing infrastructure for industrial giants, and crafting landmark projects in the healthcare, hospitality, commercial, and residential sectors. The cornerstone of our success lies in delivering value while upholding the highest health and safety standards.

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ACC Careers: Building a Future Together

The 26,000 skilled individuals who contribute their talents and expertise are at the heart of ACC’s triumphs. Our success story is woven with shared values, mutual respect, and collaboration, fostering an environment where members can reach their true potential. Joining ACC provides a unique opportunity to hone your skills on some of the world’s largest and most technically complex projects, paving the way for personal and professional growth.

Navigating the Hiring Process at ACC

1. Business-Aligned Recruitment

ACC’s recruitment strategy aligns with the business plan and current operational needs. Our systematic approach ensures efficiency, nondiscrimination, and precision in selecting the right individuals to fill our vacant positions.

2. Sourcing and Recruitment Channels

Explore current job openings on our LinkedIn page (link below) or submit your CV to [email protected] for personalized consideration, even if no listed positions match your skills and experience.

3. Selection Criteria

Applicants must meet minimum position requirements for education, training, certification, and experience. The selection process evaluates knowledge, abilities, and technical skills, ensuring alignment with job demands.

4. The Interview Experience

The selection interview is a two-way street, providing insights into the candidate’s background and assessing cultural fit. Shortlisted candidates receive details about final interviews and any specific requirements.

5. Reference Checks

We conduct thorough reference checks to verify candidates’ experience, work performance, academic achievements, and professional characteristics. Trust and reliability are paramount in our selection process.

6. Letter of Appointment

Upon suitability, the HR Department issues a letter of appointment. Once accepted, further proceedings commence to meet statutory requirements.

7. Induction Program

New hires undergo an induction program within their first week, combining general company information with specifics about their role. An HR representative guides them through the site, head office, and facilities, facilitating introductions to key personnel.

Explore Job Opportunities at ACC: Quick Steps

  1. Visit the official LinkedIn page jobs section: ACC LinkedIn Jobs.
  2. Browse available jobs
  3. Choose a position and read all the details.
  4. Apply by clicking on the “Easy Apply” button


FAQs About Arabian Construction Company (ACC) Careers

Q1: How can I stay updated on the latest job vacancies at ACC?

  • A: To stay informed about our latest job opportunities, visit our official LinkedIn page’s jobs section at ACC LinkedIn Jobs. We regularly update openings to match our evolving needs.

Q2: Can I apply for a position even if no jobs match my skills on LinkedIn?

  • A: Absolutely! Feel free to submit your CV to [email protected], even if no specific jobs align with your skills and experience. We appreciate proactive applicants and consider all submissions for future opportunities.

Q3: What is the selection interview process like at ACC?

  • A: The selection interview at ACC is designed to gather comprehensive information about your education, experience, skills, and cultural fit. It’s a two-way conversation providing insight into the company and your role. Shortlisted candidates receive details about final interviews and any specific requirements.

Q4: How long does the reference check process take?

  • A: The reference check process is conducted diligently to verify information about your experience, work performance, academic achievements, and professional characteristics. While timelines may vary, we strive to complete this phase efficiently, respecting both the candidates and the company’s time.

Q5: What does the induction program for new employees entail?

  • A: The induction program is a comprehensive onboarding process conducted within the first week of employment. It includes general information about the company and specifics regarding your job role. An HR representative will guide you through the site, head office, and facilities, introducing you to key managers and colleagues as appropriate.
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